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Erik Frieberg

Erik is the chief marketing officer at Solo.io. He has a long history in technology marketing and was previously CMO at Puppet and senior vice president of marketing at VMware.

At Solo.io, we have been working on API gateway and service mesh technologies for years. Today, we have the pleasure of working with incredibly innovative companies around the globe. Some companies are just beginning their journey with microservices in general and Kubernetes in particular. Others are some of the largest Istio service mesh implementations in the world with hundreds of clusters and hundreds of millions of transactions each day.

Interacting with all these companies has given us a unique perspective on the challenges organizations face and the capabilities and guidance they need to manage application networking in distributed environments. At Solo, we take this input and use it to not only guide our product roadmap but also to develop and deliver education and training to the community.

This year at SoloCon, our annual user conference, our goal is to bring together industry experts, innovative companies and award-winning education. This three-day event is divided into four key areas:

  • Community and open source: If you’re interested in the future of service mesh, how Istio is evolving, the role of GraphQL and WebAssembly, the impact of eBPF and more, we have you covered.
  • Service mesh and application networking: Dive deep into performance, reliability, security, observability, multitenancy, declarative configuration and GitOps, just to name a few topics.
  • Edge and API gateway: Learn the ins and outs of configuring, managing, and securing an Envoy-based or Istio-based API gateway. Advanced topics include integrating into a GitOps workflow and canary deployments with Flagger.
  • Hands-on, engineer-focused workshops: We have four new workshops covering Envoy Proxy as a GraphQL Engine, fundamentals for eBPF, multitenant Istio service mesh and advanced Istio Day 2 operations.
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Insights from Industry Leaders

At SoloCon, we are excited to bring together incredible thought leaders including Solomon Hykes, founder of Docker, Louis Ryan, co-creator of Istio, and our own Idit Levine to share their unique insights on the past, present and future of containers, service mesh, application networking and distributed applications.

Companies Using These Technologies in Production

This year’s SoloCon will feature our own customers sharing their stories about the challenges they face and the solutions we have delivered. Learn how:

  • T-Mobile is delivering a common edge gateway that works across all platforms and removes the need to manage resiliency, security and observability from its development teams’ responsibilities.
  • Chick-fil-A is innovating faster and improving its architecture and operations across distributed applications to support operations in 2,800 restaurants.
  • Constant Contact is modernizing its microservice architecture and how it designed microservices, exposed APIs, and integrated new and old services together.
  • USAA is developing and running modern applications to delight customers and deliver outstanding services.

You will also find great stories from Snyk, CARFAX, Ory, Invitae, Schneider Electric, Waylay and others that are driving innovation in their organizations.

We Invite You to Join Us at SoloCon

The new developments around the technologies in our space are very exciting and innovative, and we look forward to sharing the latest updates with you at the event. This is the goal of SoloCon, where we, our customers, and our community share our experiences and learnings. We’re excited to bring this virtual conference back and look forward to sharing these stories, updates and opportunities to learn with you. We hope to see you there!

InApps Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Insight Partners, an investor in the following companies mentioned in this article: Docker.

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