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Farmbotics-Leveraging Mobile Apps for New Farming Techniques & Informed Decision-Making is an article sent to you by the InApps editorial team. Hope readers will have more useful knowledge at www.inapps.net

You are viewing the article: Farmbotics-Leveraging Mobile Apps for New Farming Techniques & Informed Decision-Making

Since two decades mobile devices have connected people from around the world and changed the way people conduct business. Governments and public organisations have consistently provided farmers support via mobile devices via call centres and SMSes.

However, as mobile internet perpetuates the rural and remote parts of the world, even in underdeveloped parts of Africa and many countries of Asia, mobile applications are acting as handy tools for better decision-making.

Role of Mobile App Development in Agriculture

Google maps integration, social media sites integration and instant messaging applications have no doubt made it easy for us city folks to navigate and communicate in the modern world while sitting in the comforts of our car or couch.

It’s far reaching impact lies in how it is being used in the agriculture sector to get information on weather conditions, communicate directly with retailers to get the best rates for the produce and get regular updates from government agencies on best farm practices.

Mobile Applications for Farming Solution

Mobile app developers and mobile app development companies are working towards innovative solutions by leveraging Internet of Thing (IoT) technologies such as GPS, maps, beacons and other cloud technologies to deliver easy to execute solutions.

One smart use beacon technology has been put to is, to insert the sensors in farmlands to generate real-time, easy to interpret data on soil conditions such as moisture level, mineral levels, need for fertilizers etc.

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GPS integration can help farmers to use their tractors to best results by making optimal passes on the ground via virtual guidance. Instant communication applications by wholesalers will help farmers contact them directly and get the best price in the market.

This will help eliminate the middleman and ensure that farmers and consumers get the best rates.

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Through global warming weather conditions are varying drastically in many parts which are hitting farmers hard. Map-based applications can give them alerts on sudden changes in winds and rains to help them make informed decisions and cut their losses.

Learning all the time

The internet is a great teacher, it reaches the maximum and many can access the best information. So farmers can learn techniques on water management that can be easily implemented, learn more about smart use of chemical fertilizers so that soil quality is uncompromised and produce is healthy and even learn about new farming techniques for better output.

The Internet keeps farmers connected with the world even from the remote confines of their farmland existence. Well-designed mobile application solutions can help them understand the commerce and science behind agriculture to help them make the highest profits.


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