Yesterday a website with user-friendly features was sufficient. Today, as a retailer, you need a feature-rich mobile apps to grow your business. A Flurry report has suggested that the US-based consumers spend over 3 hours on mobile phones daily. Another survey has found that people used to search and browse products on the move using their smart devices. These findings pinpoint the importance of a customized app for strengthening your retail business.

Importance of Mobile Apps for Retail Business

The thriving mobile platform has brought revolutionary changes in the way retailers can connect and communicate with customers. Retail business app development helps you get rid of traditional marketing methods using billboards, leaflets, and other printed material. It is easy to spread awareness about discounts, new launches, and promotional offers through a mobile app. It is fair to mention that customized mobile apps have a lasting impact on customers.

When it comes to browsing products, comparing prices, and going through reviews on the move, mobile apps for retail business can facilitate the customers. In the age of m-commerce, mobile apps can remain handy for retailers. The retail business app development can assist you to leverage the benefits of a thriving mobile platform.

What’s more, advancements in geolocation technology, iBeacon, mobile wallets can also be integrated into the retail mobile app to offer improved customer services. Customers can remain happy with your business and you can get a loyal customer base. Here are a few noteworthy benefits of a retail app for your business.

Key Benefits of Retail Business Mobile Apps Development

Run loyalty program

Retail mobile apps provide a great platform to run a reward or loyalty program. Customers can get reward points for buying or referring your business and you can increase the sales. The entire loyalty program can be managed with ease through a mobile app.

A loyalty program can also help you keep the customers retained with your app. The more time they spend on your app, more are the chances that they will become loyal customers. The retail mobile app also works as a connective tool between your business and customers.

Push Notifications

Push notifications offer a great way to communicate with your customers and keep them updated about price change and discount offers. The personalized notifications based on the user’s interests and shopping behavior can assist you to increase sales. The retail app development company can integrate the features related to AI technology to gather data regarding the customer’s behavior, and send them selected notifications.

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Also, push notifications can be used to send reminders, order status, and payment receipts. Push notifications can strengthen the customer-company relationship.

Mobile Payment Integration

In today’s mobile-driven world, mobile-based payment facility or mobile wallet is in demand. Customers tend to pay securely through a mobile wallet on the move and purchase instantly. The online retailer app development services can integrate mobile-based payment in your app so that your customers can conveniently pay.

Integrate Analytics

Consumer data can be useful for making informed decisions. As emerging technologies like AI and ML thrive, businesses can provide personalized experience through analyzing consumer data. Their, analytics come into the picture. It enables retailers to provide improved shopping experience in a personalized way.

mobile apps insights

Analytics can also enable you to meet the customer’s needs in a better and more efficient manner. The retail application development company integrates analytics to make your business more customer-oriented.

Support for Sales

The retail business needs to be focused on customers and sales. Today, the social media-driven world has made it mandatory for retailers to establish and maintain real-time communication with the customers and resolve their queries immediately.

The retail mobile app also provides support for the sales department through providing real-time information to the executives. The app can give a mobility advantage with robust features and excellent functionality. It is a great tool for promoting your business online in a cost-effective way and remains handy for the sales executives to real-time access to company data.

Competitive Edge

Integration of technological advancements and mobility advantage can give your retail business a competitive edge over peers. You can improve the customer services and increase sales with the help of a customized retail app. You can hire retail app developers to meet the changing requirements and growing competition through integrating the desired features and functionality.

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Now, let’s move to retail business mobile app features and cost.

Top Features of Retail Mobile Apps

Customized mobile apps for retail business have many user-friendly features. Here we have mentioned the most important ones on the basis of market trends and user reviews.

We can consider these features as the key features for your retail mobile apps.

Deals and Offers

Well, it is hard to imagine any retail app without this feature. From spreading awareness about the new deals to attract customers for time-bound offers, the feature can have a significant role in increasing sales. Event-based promotional offers and coupons can also help you retain customers on your app and convert them into loyal customers. This is a highly interactive feature for app users.

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Latest News and Announcements

You can integrate your business blog with your retail app to keep the app users updated with the latest activities and announcements. Your blog is the best way to engage users and inform them about the latest news. This is an essential feature for existing and new customers alike.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can serve various objectives effectively. As a marketing tool, it helps you keep your customers updated. Notifications can also keep the app users engaged through providing them actionable insights in a personalized way.

mobile apps push notification

Analytics Integration

Data is a new treasure. The customer’s searching and buying behavior can show the direction to the marketing campaigns. Analytics can gather useful data and enable retailers to send real-time notifications.

Loyalty Program

This is one of the most necessary features to attract and retain customers. The app users can get rewarded for referrals and purchase. They can readily check and redeem their points through a retail business app on the move. When you hire retail app developers, they can integrate a loyalty program as per your business requirements.

Filters and Categories

This feature enables app users to filter unnecessary products out to check the desired products. In other words, filters can enable app users to find the products they wish to check. Also, categorization of products can help customers to select specific products from a huge collection.

Mobile Wallet

In the current age of mCommerce, mobile wallet integration is the most useful feature to attract customers. The mobile wallet is a swift and secure way of mobile transaction. The retail mobile app development company can also integrate payment gateways to enable you to offer the facility of using credit and debit card as well as net banking to your customers.

Mobile apps wallet

Additional Features

We are going to make a list of additional features. If the retailer has budgetary constraints, these features can be added in the subsequent app version.


It can track the user’s location and send a report to the system. You can send personalized notifications to the customers based on their location and searching behavior. It can help you make business more customer-friendly.

Price Checker and Comparison

People tend to compare products online before buying. How about giving them price checking and comparison facility in your retail app? This simple-looking feature can have a huge impact on the trust factor.

Product Information

Product information with attractive graphics and crisp description has a strong impact on the customer’s purchasing decision. Though it is considered as an additional feature, its importance is not less than other major features, especially in a retail app.

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Preview Section

How about providing a facility for a preview of products? Let’s understand it with a real-life example. Suppose, the user wants to see the look of apparel after wearing, they can readily do so with the help of a preview section. Here, AR and VR technology-based features are useful.

You can also show a 3D-image of the product in this section to assist the customers to buy products.

Reviews and FAQs

Reviews and FAQs sections can increase your customers’ confidence in your brands as they can get feedback from other users. The FAQ section can readily answer some of the obvious questions and give a clear idea of the products.

Social Media Integration

It enables the app users to share their experience, feedback, and reviews for products or brands. Your retail business can get a benefit of social media promotion with this feature. What’s more, you can stay connected with customers on a 24/7 basis through social media channels.

Multiple Language Support

Mobility has broken the barrier of countries. But then, your retail business app should have support for multiple languages to address people with different native languages in various parts of the world.

Mobile apps Multiple language support

You may wonder how much does it cost to develop a retail app? Let’s ponder upon this question.

Cost of Mobile Apps for Retail Business

The development cost for retail apps depends on factors like hourly rates of developers, the complexity of the app and feature integration. As all these factors are interconnected, we will keep our focus on the major cost deciding factor- hourly rates. You will come across a great variation in the developer’s hourly rates across the world.

Let’s take an example of the USA and Canada. There, the app developers charge over $150 a dollar, which is the highest in the world. But, Indian developers take between $20 to $40 an hour that can significantly reduce the development cost. Therefore, it is always beneficial to develop mobile apps for retail business in India. You can save big bucks in the development cost and get a higher ROI.

After taking all necessary aspects into consideration, the approximate cost of a basic retail mobile app remains $5000. If you want to add features to make it more user-friendly then this price can increase significantly.

Retail apps like WalMart, SweetGreen, and Starbucks have set new milestones and contribute to enhancing the brand reputation of respective companies. You can also take your retail business to new heights with online retailer app development services. All you need to find a reliable and reputed developer.

Wrapping Up

Online retailer app development services are aimed at facilitating retailers to boost their business and increase revenue. Only the eCommerce website is not enough in today’s mobile-driven world. From attracting more customers to enhancing services, the retail mobile app can help you achieve multiple business objectives. Time is just right to come up with a mobile app for your business.

As a reputed mobile app development company, Solution Analysts offers the best-in-class app solutions across different industry sectors.

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