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These days, as people become more health-conscious, health and fitness apps have started gaining ground swiftly. As a result, we witness a surge in the number of fitness apps on both Google Play and App Store that further intensifies the competition. Any newcomer needs to deal with such a competitive scenario to make the app successful.

As an entrepreneur, your journey to make your health and fitness app stand out from the crowd starts with taking a big strategic decision- hire professionals to transform your creative idea into an impressive app. Whether Android app developers or iOS app developers- your decision of hiring professionals is crucial in a sense that a customized app can have a significant impact on your business.

While selecting professionals to build a health and fitness app, you can consider two options: Freelancers and mobile application development company. You can get a plethora of information about pros and cons in favor of either freelance developers or a development company, but here we stick to the points beneficial for your business when you decide to come up with a feature-rich app.

Let us compare freelancers and development company from a business viewpoint:


When you decide to come up with an app, the first and foremost factor you should consider is the cost. Here, you may find that the charge of most freelancers is lower as compared to the software development company. Even though professional and experienced freelancers take higher hourly rate, you can still save 20 to 30 percent in the development cost. But then, your project’s confidentiality and the app quality are at stake.

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On the other hand, mobile app development companies are a bit costlier than freelancers but they strive to develop high-quality products to get a positive testimonial and strengthen their presence in the market.


Freelancers can set their schedules to offer you more flexibility and rapid development. They can work all the time to get your work done speedily. They do not have any binding of time and place.

The development company can offer you less flexibility as compared to freelancers, but they offer an app development process in a more organized way. They also offer a flexible engagement model to hire the best talent for your project.


Today, several portals are available to find out the freelancers or independent app developers. All you need to agree to the terms, and they will start work on your project. But here, you cannot expect timely order completion with desired features. The reputed mobile app development services provider ensures timely project completion with extensive testing and integration of customized features.

Development Trends

The app development company remains in touch with app development as well as market trends for various industry sectors. If you want a futuristic fitness app with the inclusion of advanced features, then you should opt for a company. Freelancers seldom stay updated with technological advancements, and at times, they may get failed to read the market requirements for the app.

End-to-end Solutions

Your health and fitness app also requires promotional efforts to get succeed among tens of hundreds of similar apps. Now, freelance app developers have a necessary expertise to develop a customized app. But, the company can offer you end-to-end app solutions ranging from development to deployment and modification to marketing. You can get benefits from dedicated development and marketing professionals when you choose a company as your app development partner.

Real-time Updates and Support

When you hire freelancers for an app project, chances are fairly high that your app will miss the real-time updates and technical assistance. When you hire a company, you can have an agreement for a 24/7 support along with updates and maintenance.

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You know it very well that a company has many hours of collective experience in developing bespoke apps thanks to in-house development teams. Also, the team offers a blend of experienced and enthusiastic developers, which is impossible in the case of freelance developers.

What’s more, the company has developed different apps across various industry verticals, and you may also get a better idea about the features of fitness apps as the company may have worked on the similar app project.

Skill set

The diverse skill set is another strength of an app development company. Either you want a website related to your fitness app, or a software solution for your business, you can get every service under one roof. In other words, all your business needs can be addressed efficiently by the company. If you have opted for a freelancer, you need to find different professionals to serve various objectives, and it is always difficult to manage such freelance professionals.

It is fair to mention that the development company has an upper hand over freelancers when it comes to building a tailored and industry-standard app for your fitness-related business.

Summing Up

If you have short-term objectives without many expectations from your app, you can opt for freelancers. But, if you want to make the most of thriving mobile technology with a feature-rich fitness app, then a mobile app development company can be your best bet.

At Solution Analysts, our expert team of business consultants and experienced app developers can assist you to get an engaging fitness app from scratch. Our mobile app developers have built Kaa-Yaa, a unique personal trainer app. Let us discuss your amazing app idea and make an astonishing app for your business.

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