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In this corona age, people tend to give attention to fitness like never before, and as a result, the popularity of the fitness tracking app skyrockets rapidly. Today, the health and fitness sector evolves as people use smartphones and wearables to track their fitness activity.

Many fitness startups come up with user-friendly apps that combine smartphones and wearables to enable users to track their activities.

Fitness enthusiasts and working individuals can leverage the benefits of customized fitness tracking apps for scheduling workouts on the move. The fitness app development companies can integrate various features and excellent functionality in the tracking app to facilitate the users to remain healthy by initiating and managing fitness activities.

The fitness tracking app not only monitors fitness activities but also motivates users to manage workouts.

When it comes to fitness app development, the development company needs to consider various devices and wearables. In other words, fitness tracking apps should be compatible with wearable devices.

Interestingly, a Statista report has revealed that the wearable market has drastically increased in a couple of years. There, you may raise a question- which features should I include in my fitness tracking app?

Let’s go through the must-have features you need to consider when you build an app for tracking fitness activities.

Personal Coach and Mentor

A personalized fitness tracking app can attract more users. It is better to make an app that entices individuals by acting as a personal coach and mentor.

Also, the app should be customizable for users with features like personalized exercise routines, goal setting and saving records, and comparison of the performance. In a way, the fitness app tracking system should give a personalized experience to the users.

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Push Notifications

Who hates personalized notifications and alerts especially when they come from a fitness tracking app? No fitness enthusiasts like to miss a workout session, but due to their business schedules, at times, they tend to skip or omit.

There, push notification from your fitness app can remind and motivate them. This is a big reason why the fitness app development company invests a lot of time and effort into making the notification system more precise and powerful.


It enables the user to track their routes, make and manage workouts, and record their activities. Users like this feature because it facilitates them to track and save all the records and fitness progression over the period.

Geolocation also assists users to measure distance for jogging and other running exercises. The fitness app development company integrates this feature to attract more people.

Sync with Multiple Devices

As mentioned above, wearables are useful for fitness activities. Take an example of Fitbit- it is necessary for your fitness app to sync with wearables and smartphones to attract many users who wants to manage their workouts using different devices.

The fitness app development company can make the app compatible with various devices to give it a competitive edge.



Your target audience can get motivated to achieve their targets when your app has this feature. Put it this way- the gym plays one of our favorite songs. We do five extra pushups on this, right? Similarly, if your fitness app offers rewards for completing various workout targets, it can enhance the value and attract more people toward your app.

Gamification includes several tasks in your app. On one hand, completing the tasks is rewarding and on the other hand, users have to pay penalties for incomplete tasks. These penalties can be either in the form of more exhaustive exercises or in monetary form.


It is also known as an altitude meter and useful for measuring the altitude of an object above the preset level. You can integrate it into your fitness app to track the altitude or change in height when the app users climb stairs.

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The app development company can integrate this feature to assist users in measuring the effort and the outcome of jogging and running. Users can also see how many calories are burnt in real-time through this feature.

Food Tracker

Any health and fitness apps are incomplete without food and nutrition-related features. One such important feature is the food tracker. It enables your app users to store their food intake and get information about calorie intake.

In a way, food tracker can show how many additional calories we take as compared to the daily body requirement.

A food tracker feature motivates the users to take healthy food that can easily meet their daily requirements without increasing fat in their body.

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Sleep Tracker

A good sleep is essential for good health. In today’s hectic schedule and stressful environment, it is difficult to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Sleep tracker, in a way, can be one of the must-have features for your fitness tracking application. It tracks the user’s sleep and finds the time when the user has not got the sound sleep.

In other words, this feature records the moments when the user was active during sleep. The user has to wear the band and activate it before going to sleep to utilize this feature in a fitness app that supports wearable devices. Though this sounds a bit cumbersome for your app users, they will find this feature extremely useful over the period.

Online Consultation

If you want your fitness app to act as a trainer then you need to integrate online consultation and chat features in your app. It is possible that the app users have many questions in mind while starting different exercises and workouts. In absence of a trainer, they cannot get the answer.

There, the online consultation feature works wonders in your app. It enables users to resolve their questions at any time. You can also consider integrating chat system to facilitate real-time communication among work out buddies. App users can share their experiences, progresses, and issues readily by using this feature.

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Water Tracker

Another important feature of the fitness app is the water tracker. Your app users will certainly like this feature as it shows the water intake and helps users maintain the water level in their body. It also reminds the users to drink water and stay hydrated.

Roughly 60% of our body consists of water and every day, we need two to three liters of water for maintain the metabolic activities of our body. People need more water after a workout or any physical activities. The water tracker feature can assist users to ensure proper intake of water every time.

Top Determining Factors for Development Cost of Fitness Tracking Apps

The development cost of fitness tracking app depends on various factors. But, we can consider the number of features, app complexity, and the hourly rate of developers as the top factors that determining the cost.

The hourly rate of developers is different in various countries. For example, the US-based developers take $150-$200 an hour, whereas India-based developers take $30-$80 an hour for app development projects. The hourly rate significantly impacts the app development cost.

A fitness app with all necessary features and excellent functionality can cost you anywhere between $15000-$30000. However, it is better to consult a trusted app development company to get a free quote based on your app project requirements.

Concluding Lines

The pandemic age has shown us the importance of health and fitness in a big way. Today, not only fitness freaks but ordinary people or working individuals also remain cautious for maintaining their fitness and stay away from various diseases.

As an entrepreneur, you can leverage the benefits of this trend and come up with a feature-rich fitness tracking app. Extensive market research, competitor app analysis, and consulting a reputed app development company are all you need to build a successful fitness app that gives you high ROI.

Solution Analysts is a leading mobile app development company. We have experienced and dedicated developers who have hands-on experience in developing a feature-rich fitness tracking app. Feel free to drop us a line at sales@solutionanalysts.com and our expert consultants will get back to you soon.

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