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Mobile apps swiftly gain ground as a reliable tool to reach and engage the customers. These days, the app development process involves the advancements of technology while focusing on user value and usability.

However, this evolution of the process has significantly increased the cost of business mobile apps with desired features. Companies need to keep a separate budget for developing and maintaining the dedicated apps.

Here it is fair to mention that the mobile app development budget requires proper attention to ensure the intended ROI on app investment. There is no room for mistakes between budgeting and app development process.

Here we highlight the most common budgeting-related mistakes that you should avoid. We will give our perspective on preventing them as well.

But, before that let’s go through a few critical areas that are necessary to be considered while estimating the mobile app development cost. They are

* Backend infrastructure- It is necessary for the app’s seamless performance across different devices. The backend is also responsible for the flawless functionality;

* Content services- It plays a vital role in providing a pleasant user experience and spread awareness about your business and the app solutions.

* Third-party integrations- When it comes to integrating desired features, third-party integrations are the only option in the hand of a mobile application development company.

* Notifications- Real-time notifications are useful to send necessary information to the app users and keep them updated with the latest company news.
Updates- Regular updates can keep your business app relevant and user-friendly for a long time.

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Now, we will go through five mistakes that you should never commit while going for developing a custom business app.

Failing to consider development platform

First things first. You need to do extensive research to find out your target audience. It helps you to decide on the app development platform. For example, if your audience is primarily located in the US and Europe, it is better to opt for iOS app development.

But, if you have an audience spread across the world, then it is fairly possible that you commit a mistake in choosing the platform with a tight budget. There, cross-platform app development can be your choice.

Ignoring app marketing

Usually, the mobile app development company considers app marketing and maintenance as additional services. These days, it is necessary for the companies to put sincere efforts on the app marketing to stay firm amid growing competition.

Even if you have brought a seamlessly performing business app with the user-friendly apps, it is of vital importance that your prospective app users know about it. The app marketing efforts can assist you in customer acquisition and retention.

You should keep the provisions for app marketing while preparing a mobile app development budget. Also, make sure that your marketing plan is in line with your app’s objectives. A survey conducted by

The Manifest has revealed that marketers allocate over 31% of the app development budget to marketing. You can get a higher ROI soon if proper marketing and advertising campaigns are in place. Simply put, you just cannot ignore the app marketing campaign while opting for the app development.

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Treating app development the same as web design

This is one of the most common myths among entrepreneurs. Many companies have websites and the management thinks that app development is a process similar to that of website development.

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So they allocate a budget accordingly. When the app development process gets more complex, the company finds it difficult to manage the budget.

The mobile app development process is radically different from web development. From technology to UX and platform to performance, the mobile app development process remains different and more challenging than web development.

The real estate is way small for the mobile app as compared to the website, and therefore, the design and content are focused differently. When you hire mobile app developers for the app project, you get more idea on the complexity of the process.

In a nutshell, the business app needs special attention to every detail while addressing various challenges and therefore, it is costlier than the web development. If you keep the same budget for developing a customized mobile app like that for developing a company website, then you may end up with much more spending.

Avoiding app updates

Launching of your app is just a first step toward the realization of business objectives. You need to update the app on a regular basis to meet the user’s expectations and changing industry trends.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep a certain budget aside for regular updates. At times, entrepreneurs think that the business app is not listed in the app stores, so there is no need for regular updates. But, think it this way- the introduction of new features and bug fixing can make your app relevant and acceptable among the users.

Also, the regular updates can make your app more secure and the user’s data can remain protected. Updates can enable your app to remain relevant and providing a better user experience.

Giving more attention to UI

Though UI plays a significant role in ensuring the app’s success, it is not advisable to give too much attention to the design or the interface. The reason is simple- it can impact the user experience negatively.

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The functionality of your app is also as important as graphics and animation. You can ponder on the question- how to find best mobile app development company that can maintain the subtle balance between the UI and UX?

A mobile app with an excellent front-end design can be failed to serve the purpose and attract people if it has performance issues. You need to deliver value and user-oriented solution of the problems in the form of a mobile app, and therefore, it is imperative that you focus on both the UI and UX (User Experience).

Concluding Lines

Even a slight mistake can lead to a significant rise in the mobile app development cost. The above-mentioned points will help you avoid such mistakes and you can meet the objectives of app projects with ease.

A customized mobile app has become a necessity of modern business. You need to prevent the budget constraints to become an obstacle between your business and a dedicated app.

At Solution Analysts, our expert business consultants assist you to keep the budget constraints at bay. All you can get is a competent business app in a cost-effective way. Sounds good? Just contact us at and take the first step toward leveraging the benefits of mobility in your business.

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