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microsoft office vs google docs

We have been using Microsoft Office for decades. It was socially considered as a default tool for any documentation (word file or PPT or accounts sheet ) till google stepped in with its own version of Microsoft Office(Google Docs). Now, they both are trying to dominate this specific market.

So, let’s discuss how they both are different from each other and which one you should choose for better productivity.

Differences Between Microsoft Office And Google Docs

difference between microsoft office and google docs

Microsoft Office –

  • Microsoft office is not an independent platform. There is a massive Microsoft Office 365 package including more than half of dozen applications as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access and OneNote.
  • Ms word is one of main application of MS Office which we can use offline as well as online.
  • We can integrate the third-party app with MS office via office store as Microsoft has expanded its platform for Integration.
  • OneDrive’s 1TB cloud storage is integrated into Microsoft Windows.
  • We can also work on MS office as Offline in a desktop and can simply save our files on the computer.
  • Microsoft office can be installed in windows and IOS systems and MS word comes up as a pre-installed app in android and IOS.
  • Microsoft package starts at $5 user per month with a business essential package with 1TB cloud storage in Onedrive. The next package comes with a full version of office(MS word, powerpoint, excel, outlook, publisher and one-note ) with $8.25 per month. Office business premium package costs $12.50 per user month with the access of the full version of the office suite, exchange online mail, IM and conferencing via skype for business.

Google Docs –

  • Google Docs is a web-based platform that changes the way of edit and shares docs in the modern web. We don’t need to download software or purchase office packages because we can work on it online.
  • All we need to do is just log in with our Google account in any internet browser and head over to
  • Google comes with great Third-party app integration. We can add a third-party apps CRM system and project management for merge tools and contact update plugins.
  • Google Drive (cloud storage ) is more popular. It gives you 30 GB for business and unlimited storage as you subscribe to a monthly business package.
  • Google also supports offline mode but it also requires access to an internet connection to work properly.
  • Google docs support both android and IOS devices and we can install it on any computer and browser. Like windows, I Mac, Linux, and chrome. But not supportable in windows phone.
  • Google docs is free for every user with limitations. But If you want to purchase business G suit, it costs $5 per user and $10 per user for per month for google unlimited with unlimited cloud storage and advanced features including e-discovery, retention, insight, and audit, etc.

Features Of MS Word And Google Docs

MS Word –

  • No doubt, MS word packs a lot of functionality. MS words feature mostly focus on better table formatting and more controls over text styles, graphics, and image implementation.
  • Ms word offers specialized and fancy features to builds a quality
  • Font size and colour
  • Page breaks
  • Annotations
  • Page margins
  • Drang and drop image

Google Docs or word –

  • Google docs are collaborative, accessible and flexible. These features make it powerful and we can use it anytime from anywhere.
  • It is efficient in making any last time edits and 50 users can access single file for collaborating what makes it more powerful than a word.
  • Google docs is one of the finest tool for your common document unless you require advanced features.

PowerPoint And Google slides

MS Powerpoint –

  • Powerpoint has everything that we need to create a complete slideshow. We can create a presentation by using various templates and every slide’s effect.
  • Powerpoint online feature is quite similar to the desktop application which makes more convenient.

Google Slides –

  • Google slide lacks behind Microsoft in making of powerful presentation. It only offers basic features.
  • We can only create simple slides with Text. E.g a stark white presentation.
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MS Excel And Google Sheets


It becomes a legend when it comes to a spreadsheet application and there are some major reasons why it is leading this industry.

  • Excel’s data processing is very strong. it can perfectly design over a thousand rows.
  • One more thing that makes Excel better is its Formulas. If there is something that you need to perform with data or managing your taxes, Excel is the right for you.
  • Having quick-changing styles & layouts with the availability of various types of charts make it best in terms of features.

Google Sheets –

  • Cloud storage is one of the best features of Google Docs. Starting your work on a PC, completing a task on the laptop and end up with some edits on a smartphone is priceless because we are able to access any platform.
  • It is easy to collaborate with several users on a single sheet and back up of your spreadsheet simultaneously.
  • It is a javascript based tool hence developers can comfortably connect to various APIs to run various scripts.

Why Choose Microsoft Office?

microsoft office

Functionality: Microsoft wins When it comes to advanced functionality. It has a bundle of features. These advanced features focus on better table formatting and page numbering and organizing our documents are far easy in Microsoft.
Google word is also similar to MS word, but sometimes it might show the small issue because it is relatively new to MS Office.

Formatting: We can easily create unique text formatting rules in MS word. When we attached any file through Microsoft word so it also opens the third-party app as well.
No doubt, we can say Microsoft wins this race as well.

Offline Access: Microsoft is the best option for working as an Offline mode. You simply save your file on the device you are using.

Why Choose Google Docs?

google docs

Price: Google docs are widely available for free on the internet and this is one of the big reason many people use it because it is convenient to use than installing the software on your device.
As I have mentioned above, the Microsoft office package starts at $5 per month and ends at $12.50 per month which is too expensive for casual users. If we are looking for a tool with fewer important features, so we can go with Google docs. we can also buy G Suit($5 to $10 per month) if we need more features.

Cloud and Syncing: Google cloud is incredibly famous and it is installed separately. If your colleagues need to collaborate on docs so Google drive is the best choice.
Google has automatic saving feature which means if you edit something, it will save automatically.

Third-Party Integration: Google empowered itself in this feature from Microsoft. Because of Microsoft supports third-party apps through the Office Store. On Another hand, google supports third-party apps from project modules and CRM systems.

Collaboration: Google is king of online collaborator, It allows users to edit docs by just accessing a web browser.
Google is being built into a drive which makes easy to share a file and navigate them. Google docs are a great platform to control that who can edit the documents, who can view it and who can comment on it.


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