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The horizon of learning and education has expanded beyond notebooks and textbooks. Information and teaching avenues have extended with the advent of internet-based learning. Learn more about education and learning based mobile applications.

Education applications are in demand among students and educational institutes alike. The use of the internet is already prevalent for researching for projects and homework among students. Leading education institutes and universities are offering free online courses, there are online repositories for research papers and free libraries.

There is a wave created for online coaching that was started by Khan Academy in the form of YouTube videos explaining concepts and has now become a vast research library that students worldwide can access and research from. Another instance is of Facebook acquiring Byju’s, an Indian-origin tutorial app for students, which reflects the importance placed on the education segment in app development.

There are many apps for nursery rhymes and educational gaming apps that are being used by parents for their toddlers and apps that have special learning programs for children with special needs. However, the demand for these applications is high and the market still has space for more such applications.

Education is Vast and there is much to learn

We are never too old to learn and there are many skills to be learnt. Whether it is learning a new language, professional cooking or even Ikebana, having an application that is designed to match our pace helps us learn well, without overwhelming us in our task.

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Ed-Tech is a growing avenue for mobile app development. There is demand for applications that will bring learning resources to the palms of students and with the increased use of technology in classrooms, there is much scope for introducing new mobile applications.

Mobile Apps as Part of the Learning Strategy

It is touted that by end of 2017, e-learning industry will generate an annual revenue of $70 billion globally. Some of the key benefits of mobile apps include –

  • Perfect for on-the-go learning
  • Learning material can be viewed in online and offline mode
  • The millennials favor it
  • Facilitates access to current information
  • Gives perfect performance support

Furthermore, education mobile apps can be used for formal and informal learning. They can be used as performance support tools for the learner’s workflow and will be used greatly for quick information or on-job-support.

Education App

Fitting Mobile App Into your learning strategy

Mobile apps will augment the benefits of your learning strategy by supporting in the following areas –

Usage flexibility – as per a study, people spend an average of 30 hours per month on mobile apps. They use it to perform chores and get information. Integrating their learning needs with the mobile application will ensure that they are connected to their program and can access material on-the go.

High completion rate – since the individual carries his/her learning material in the pocket and mobile app facilitates easy access, there is higher completion rate.

Engagement – multiple levels of engagement can be ensured in a personal space created by the mobile app which will facilitate learning and interaction for the learner.

Ease in updating – it is easy to push updated information to the class through the mobile application. Furthermore, they can be sent assignments, group work and other notes via apps.

Supplement blended learning format – the Millenials spend up to 90 minutes on mobile apps in a single setting. So, to create an engaging format for them, a mobile app must be part of the learning format. Also, in learning programs where learning is integrated as part of a practical application session, the mobile app can be used as performance support enabling the user can measure their achievement and identify the gaps where they need to catch up or need assistance.

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Adapted to varying training needs – you can integrate social media platform, include multiple training elements and different ways to measure learning through various tests.

Saving time and resources – A mobile app is a long term investment and is an inexpensive format to push information to all students. Also, since the notes and other data will be sent digitally, the amount of paper used, printing and other similar resources will be reduced and reduce the institute’s carbon footprint. Also, since all the data will be consolidated and presented in one place, all stakeholders can access it at their convenience and the exactly the data they want to.

Solution Analysts Development Methodology

We create highly functional, ergonomically designed and layered applications that can be used on multiple platforms with same level of efficiency.  Our applications have fluid movement and an intuitive interface that easily adapts to the different devise format. Our work is geared to ensure increased user engagement with mobile applications that can be easily understood and features that can be easily executed.

Our team works closely with our clients to deliver products that will reflect their goals and brand image. You can contact us to know more about our past projects and learn about the latest trends in education and learning based mobile applications and how you can apply it lucratively in your business model.

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