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Healthcare is the only sector that frequently deals with emergency situations. From insurance to telemedicine, and inpatient hospitals to outpatient clinics, a thriving healthcare domain involves immense scopes for improvisation. Here, technological advancements come in handy for the health professionals. Futuristic technologies like IoT and AR are ready to penetrate in the health sector. What’s more, in this mobile-dominated age, the healthcare services can remain more convenient and patient-centric with customized healthcare app development.

As people tend to do their important activities through smartphones on the move, the mobile health app development can facilitate them to fix an appointment, check their health status, communicate with the doctors, and the like. The healthcare app development services are capable of transforming the medical and healthcare industry into a well defined and holistic care provider for people.

Importance of Mobile Apps for Healthcare Sector

Before discussing the aspects showing the importance of customized mobile apps for the healthcare sector, let us go through an interesting fact: As per an official survey, the mHealth (mobile Health) solutions market is expected to reach $90. 49 billion by 2022. It shows the growing interest of the healthcare services providers to take a mobile route to offer more convenience to the patients. The mobile application development company can provide all the benefits through customized mobile apps.

healthcare app development

These days, as people become more health-conscious than ever, and the lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise, the mobile app can play a significant role in many aspects. For example, the health mobile app enables the patients to get an access to their health data anytime and anywhere. Also, patients can also share the data with the healthcare specialist. On the other hand, the healthcare professionals get rid of maintaining and accessing the printed data as a reference. In a way, the tailored healthcare mobile app can bring a paradigm shift from print and laptop-based data to mobile-based data.

Also, the healthcare sector is broadly based on the patient-doctor interaction. The mobile app connects them instantly while blurring the boundaries of countries. Doctors can also communicate securely with other doctors to share the important information thanks to a customized healthcare mobile app.

In brief, the mobile apps for healthcare sector can digitize the entire process and enable the healthcare companies to serve the patients in a better way.

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healthcare app development

Let us go through top benefits of a tailored healthcare app for the healthcare sector.

Business Benefits of Healthcare App Development Services

As per the report, over 325,000 healthcare mobile apps are available worldwide that contribute to promoting the mHealth concept. The number of downloads of such apps has also notably increased over a couple of years, and we can expect that more healthcare professionals will opt for having a healthcare app in the future.

Here we mention some important benefits of a healthcare app that can help your business grow:

Improves patient care

Improved services for both indoor and outdoor patients is a backbone of the healthcare-related business. Do you know that over 93 percent of doctors are of opinion that healthcare apps can improve the patient care? When it comes to checking all the records at a stretch especially during any emergency situation, the mobile app makes it easy. The customized healthcare mobile app also enables the medical professionals to prepare a specific approach for every patient.

Reduces distance

The prevalence of smartphones has reduced the geographical distance with the help of the Internet. A healthcare mobile app has brought the health services at fingertips even if people reside in far-flung areas. It is easy to implement the concept of telemedicine with a feature-rich healthcare mobile app. Also, the healthcare app development company can add push notification to enable the users to get important healthcare tips regularly.

Manages appointments

Whether you opt for iPhone or Android app development services, you get the appointment management as a default function. The app users can schedule a quick appointment, find the specialist, view their test reports, order medicines, and consult the doctor by using the app.

healthcare app development

The video chat can give users a facility to meet the doctor face-to-face for discussing their health-related issues. On the other hand, the doctors or healthcare professionals can readily view the appointments and manage their time accordingly through the app.

Integrates technologies

Futuristic technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), VR (Virtual Reality), and AR (Augmented Reality) can be easily integrated into the healthcare apps to get optimum outcome regarding efficient collaboration and effective cooperation. Also, the disruptive IoT technology can enable the healthcare professionals to manage their resources. The integration of these technologies in the app also facilitates the professionals to monitor the vital parameters of their patients.

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Brings new opportunities

One of the biggest advantages of a healthcare application is it can bring new opportunities and business model to expand the services. These days, diversification is prevalent in the healthcare sector also and people use the healthcare apps for different purposes like getting health tips, checking test reports, and finding the real-time data of various parameters like heart rate, blood sugar, etc.

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A feature-rich app can help them achieve these objectives and you can give the special features in a premium version to generate more revenue.

Promotes accuracy

In the medical and healthcare services, there is no room for error. The mobile app for health services can help you mitigate the risks of the wrong diagnosis with a real-time access of accurate data of every patient. On receiving the accurate report of the health condition, the specialists can prescribe the most accurate medicine.

Also, if the patient has any kind of allergy or similar issues, the healthcare service provider can immediately know them through an app and start the treatment accordingly. Even the paramedics and other staff can also get a real-time access to the precise data to treat the patients in a better way. Ultimately, it helps the healthcare service providers tackle the emergency situation more efficiently.

Facilitates payment

Now, your patients or their relatives have no need to stand in a queue to pay the bill. People can pay the medical expenses on the move in a secure way through apps.

healthcare app development

In a way, a mobile healthcare app can increase the convenience and manage the payment process efficiently. You can also integrate the notifications feature to send notification for sending receipts or reminders of the medical bill to the patients.

Enhances brand value

Just like any other business, the healthcare service providers also face tremendous competition. In such a scenario, a mobile healthcare app with desired features can give your business an edge over your peers who have not come up with a customized app. The app can also boost your online presence and show your expertise and authenticity in the domain.

A mobile app for healthcare services can offer many other benefits as well. A reputed mobile application development company can give you more insight about them.

How much does it cost to develop healthcare app

Here we reach the end of this blog. But, before discussing the cost factor, let’s have a glimpse of the types of healthcare mobile apps:

#1  Emergency Care Apps- Such apps show the nearest emergency service centers to the app users or patients.

#2  Health Education Apps- These apps are useful for spreading awareness about a healthy lifestyle. People can also use them to book an appointment, plan their diet, or as a pregnancy tracker.

#3  Hospital Apps- These apps provide the information about your hospital with a virtual tour, list of doctors and health services.

#4  Diagnosis Apps- All the personal records like lab test details, blood pressure and other vital parameters are stored in these apps. These apps can be the best source for diagnosis.

#5  Medication Apps- These apps help patients to manage their medication schedule. They can send alert and make sure that the patient takes their medicines on time.

#6  Custom Apps- These apps are developed on the basis of your healthcare services requirements and business model. They include all the features necessary to simplify the processes, implement workflow automation, and address your patients effectively.

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The healthcare app development cost mainly depends on two major factors: Features and Compliancy. Unlike other apps, the healthcare mobile apps need to comply with stringent guidelines given by HIPAA and other regulators. Also, these apps need to be compliant with the local laws given by the food and drug regulators of specific countries.

Talking about the features, your app needs to include all the necessary features and functionality in line with your business model. Depending on these aspects, your app can be medium or complex.

Now, we will check the cost for both Android and iOS platforms.

Cost of Android healthcare app development

Google Play has more mobile health apps than that on iTunes since 2017. The Android app development services cover all the aspects of the healthcare apps, and you can address the largest audience consists of Android phone users worldwide.

Cost of iOS healthcare app development

Apple has also come up with a dedicated Health app as well as an updated HealthKit to facilitate the app developers to come up with a user-friendly health app. The iPhone app development cost is somewhat less than that of Android app development. It is because the Android healthcare app needs to be tested for a variety of devices and it increases the development time.

Design, development, QA testing of a full-fledged healthcare app can take around 2000 hours. If we calculate this time with the developer’s rate of $25 an hour, you can get the robust app with desired features at around $50000. A feature-specific healthcare app cost starts from $6000. Such an app remains cost-effective as you can come up with updated versions periodically that include other important features.

You can hire mobile app developers from Indian healthcare app development companies to get your app project done at reasonable hourly rates of $25 to $40. Even if you have budget constraints, you can get a cost-effective app development through a flexible engagement model.

It is fair to mention that these are just estimated costs. It is better to consult healthcare app development companies to get an exact cost as per your project requirements. It is also better to compare the no-obligation quotes of different leading mobile app development companies before selecting the right app development partner.

Wrapping Up

Just like other industry domains, the healthcare sector also needs the Midas touch of technology. The healthcare mobile app development services enable the professionals to leverage the benefits of technological advancements. When you hire healthcare app developers for developing a bespoke mobile health app, you take the firm step toward making your healthcare-based business successful.

Solution Analysts is a prominent mobile application development company that offers 360-degree app solutions to the healthcare service providers. Our team of developers can integrate the cutting-edge technologies to meet your business requirements in a cost-effective way. Connect us through and get the customized healthcare mobile app for your health services.

healthcare app development

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