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A customized mobile application is the need of the hour for enterprises. Be it a startup, SME, or a large enterprise- a business mobile app with necessary features can serve many objectives.

Whether you want to simplify the complex business processes or promote your products on the thriving mobile platform, an enterprise-grade mobile application always remains handy. The number of smartphone users is expected to reach 2.5 billion in 2019, and a mobile app is a tool in your hand to address these people.

As companies across different industrial sectors tap into the opportunities offered by the mobile platform, many mobile app development companies come into existence worldwide.

Therefore, you need to exercise caution because you spend a sizeable amount in developing a feature-rich application. On one hand, you need to prevent your app project to go into the wrong hands, and on the other hand, you have to take care of the budget.

A reputed and reliable mobile app development company can help you achieve your goals in a cost-effective way.

Solution Analysts, a renowned mobile application development company, is a choice of over 300 corporate clients globally. Since inception, the team of professionals at Solution Analysts has developed over 500 tech solutions to bring automation in the client’s business processes while enhancing their customer services.

The company has fruitful partnerships with over fifteen companies to serve their corporate clients globally. As the app developers have accomplished 350+ mobile app projects for various industry sectors, they have a vast experience of addressing the diverse requirements.

Here are twelve reasons why Solution Analysts can be your trusted IT partner:


Flexible Hiring Models

We offer one of the most flexible engagement models. When you opt to hire mobile app developers from Solution Analysts, we discuss every aspect of your app project and suggest you the most suitable hiring model. We keep a higher RoI in mind for our clients when they rely on our capable and dedicated app developers. You can consult our business analysts to find out a right hiring model for your project.

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Cost-saving Structure

Our entire mobile app design and development process are designed to save you bucks. Even startups and small enterprises can also avail the benefits of a mobile app with ease through our reasonable hourly rates and other development-related charges. All you get is a quality app without hurting your pocket!

Complete IT Solution

Only a few mobile app development companies can offer 360-degree IT solutions. Solution Analysts integrates the futuristic technologies like IoT and iBeacons to develop an advanced app, which is ready to deal with the future challenges and growing competition.

Apart from a tailored mobile app, you can get a seamlessly-performing website and feature-rich enterprise software. In other words, you need not approach different companies for different IT solutions. Solution Analysts can be your one-stop source for all major IT services.

No Hidden Charges

One of the problems with emerging mobile app development companies is they cannot give an exact cost for developing your app. It is because such companies have a little experience in ever-evolving app development domain. As a result, you may have to pay hidden or additional charges. At Solution Analysts, our careful analysis and openness in calculating the app development cost help you get rid of any hidden charges, which means that you can get your project done without spending additional and unnecessary money.

All Types of Apps

Native or hybrid, Android or iOS- we deal in all types of mobile apps. It simply means that you can have a bespoke business app to address a targeted audience anywhere in the world. We offer hybrid mobile app development using major cross-platform app development frameworks like Xamarin and Ionic. That’s not all! If you require a feature-rich web application, you can also get it from our expert web app developers at affordable rates. In brief, when it comes to apps with user-friendly features and a flawless performance, Solution Analysts can be your preferred choice.

Real-time Reporting

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of a real-time information. You can take a crucial decision on the basis of such information. At Solution Analysts, we treat your mobile app as your product and provide you a real-time reporting to keep you updated with the latest development. Our team of developers uses multiple means of communication to stay connected and keep you informed.

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Meet Deadlines

When it comes to meeting the deadlines, only a few professionally-driven IT companies can make it happen! We have maintained an excellent track record in delivering the business-friendly solutions to the global clientele. Meeting the deadlines is one of our USPs since inception. Thanks to the agile approach and rapid kickstart, our teams of dedicated professionals can complete the projects in a given deadline with all necessary integrations and inclusions.

High Scalability

Today’s challenging business scenario demands high scalability. Be it your business operations or app development, you may need to scale up or down the workforce to address the rapidly changing requirements. At Solution Analysts, we understand this very well and therefore offer you a high scalability. When you hire mobile app developer from Solution Analysts, we provide you with a facility to determine the team size as per your project needs.

Rapid Initiation

Quick initiation is the first step toward a timely completion of any project. We have experienced developers who can rapidly kickstart your app project immediately after the ideation phase and the initial discussion. We know the importance of reduced TTM (Time to Market) for establishing and enhancing the reputation in the online world. You can plan all the activities related to your enterprise mobile app in advance after assigning the app project to us. We have assisted many startups to leverage the potential of the mobile platform through a tailored mobile app.

NDA Protection

Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreement is the most important step toward ensuring the safety of your app project. At Solution Analysts, we are committed to the safety and security of our esteemed clients’ project details. We offer NDA protection as an enhanced level of safety. You can remain assured for the safety of every information pertaining to your business model, customer requirements, and the like.

Presence in the US

Solution Analysts can serve the American and European clients in a better way with its US office at Delaware. The US presence also helps Solution Analysts adepts the technological advancements in a quicker and better way. The US-based corporate clients can get high-quality IT solutions at reasonable rates and leverage the benefits of outsourcing their projects. Our US office engages in sharing the cutting-edge technologies so that we can serve our global clients with the most advanced app solutions.

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24*7 Support

A business app is either moderate or complex app with a plethora of features and interconnected functionality. When your app goes live, you need an extensive technical assistance. Also, at times, you need to modify or customize your app as per your customers’ needs. In every such situation, you can rely on our app support and maintenance services.

That’s not all! We have established new milestones in serving the global clientele with highly customized solutions in the domains of mobile apps, web, IoT, and enterprise software development. Startups, MNCs, SMEs, and large companies can leverage the benefits from advancing IT domain with our solutions.

Our work speaks louder than words. Check our portfolio here.

Our Development Process

We provide the best-in-class mobile app development services in a cost-effective manner by integrating technological advancements and using the cutting-edge tools. Our development process consists of analytical, technical, and creative aspects.

Our development cycle is divided into three steps in the following way:


1) Idea Generation– Our clients share their brilliant app idea with us and our team of developers discuss every aspect related to the market trends and business requirements.

2) Thinking- With an agile approach, our team focuses on proper planning and execution with collective efforts. We take care of the design and functionality of your app so that you can concentrate on other critical business issues.

3) Release- Before deploying on the app store, your app store goes through a high-quality evaluation phase. All of our apps passes a stringent QA test before going live. We also handle ASO (App Store Optimization) campaigns and provide post-release support.

With a collective experience of many years in developing user-friendly mobile apps, we can come up with the most suitable app solutions to assist you to take your business to the next level.


A feature-rich and futuristic mobile app is your company’s representative on the mobile platform. We know what it takes to have an engaging app with desired features and excellent functionality. Just contact us with your business needs and our expert developers will transform your creative idea into an interactive and intuitive app. Get an app from us and witness the success graph of your business scaling new heights!

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