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How to get your first project as a Freelancer – is an article many of you are most interested in today !! Today, let’s InApps.net learn How to get your first project as a Freelancer – in today’s post !

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Well, a very good move taken by you towards deciding a journey to be a freelancer.

Hence, now you need to do – establish, comfort yourself.

Thus, After that move ahead and grab your first gig.

Go into the field of your choice

Just gigging a project is not the only task you need to do, there are many other prior tasks need to be followed.

Like, choosing a field that best suits you.

You should not undertake a project which can lead you into trouble.

You should first make it clear that which niche is your, Technical or Non-Technical.

After that, you have to choose your clients.

Setting Parameters


You should always set up the boundaries within which you’ll be working.

If the pressure is what you are experiencing by your client’s side then you must deny doing their work.

Do what makes you happy

Work should be all about what makes you happy and should not bore you.

You must be taking up the tasks on which you believe you can complete easily.

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You should take your gigs as per your choice.

No boundaries should be there.

You should always outline the tasks which you can do easily.

Know to refuse

You should also be able to refuse things which you can’t offer.

Be straight forward.

No means no.

If you are not experts in doing a task you simply state a No.

Also, you should always try to be transparent.

You should make the fields mentioned on your website on which you are not comfortable working in.

Do not overtake the tasks

Even if you are a freelancer and working at your convenience, you should not exaggerate the number of tasks then your capability.

Should not- over-excited on finding, first gig.

You should also prioritize your health to work smoothly.

Find your first client

Your first client maybe someone who, known to you or, someone with whom you have worked before.

The ones with whom you had worked before know that you are expertise in their field.

They will hire you rather than hiring someone else at your place.

If you want to establish your career in freelancing you should contact the person with whom you have friendly relations.

Upload your resume on various social media platforms

This move, will enable get recognize, many employers looking to hire freelancers.

Platforms where freelancing is needed

top skills for freelancers

There are many platforms but the online platform is the best platform to work in.

It brings many clients over the net searching for good freelancers for their work.

Build up your portfolio

It is highly recommendable to build up your portfolio.

Portfolio makes you being recognise by clients willing to hire you.

Likewise, building up a portfolio makes your work compiled in one place.

It can, shown when needed.

Get yourself notice on social media platforms

Get yourself notice by people browsing the internet.

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Getting duo accounts, public and private will help you.

Most importantly you should showcase and build up your profile on the LinkedIn platforms.

So first, all you need to do- get your goal set onto which you would like to work on.

After that, know the source for hired by a client.

You will tend to witness a good career as a freelancer.

Good Luck!

Source: InApps.net

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