“As much as your website works to slow the interest of the viewers and read also getting low!”

With this line, here are some ways to speed up your web page loading speed, as well as this article, tell you the about the viewer’s interest level as well as the need of speed-up the web page loading.

Nowadays, none of the people like to work or on slow loading webpages as well as it also harms the popularity of your website if the loading takes time. Be pretty much sure that everyone needs fast working sites because no one wants to wait of a while. And it’s the duty of the website holders of managing the time and speed of their webpages to hold the interests of their viewers.

speed up your website

There are many ways to connect with the viewers by comments or Chatbot or many other different ways, and in the survey, we found that every one it is very effective and enhancing way to connect with their viewers and readers.

As well as nothing is more frustrating than a slow website. This effect the users and also affect the owners of the website. In the era we live, websites and applications are very important for the business purpose as well as everyone want to share useful information with the world also matters and slow loading influences this a lot. Moreover, websites or we can say this is the kind of platforms are very useful to the artists, photographers, DIY tutorials as well as in education, teachers who upload their videos to share their knowledge.

Different ways to speed up your website:

There are many different ways to speed up your website which your traffic as well as increase the viewers of your contents.

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Upgrade the web hosting plan

web hosting

In the beginning, when the new website launch, the company use the cheap web hosting plans so they choose shared hosting which slowly slow down the speed. So it’s really important to upgrade the hosting plan first after the growth of the website.

Using the same hosting plan ultimately slow down the speed of the website. For better speed, you also move to VPS(Virtual Private Servers) or any dedicated option which is good for your website.

Enhance the browser Caching

browser caching

To improve your website speed enabling caching is important. As well as it gives visitors more rewarding user experience. Caching refers to the process of storing static files, media files, HTML documents, CSS, images as well as JavaScript files for easy and faster access of the users. It also enhances the elements on the webpage and it automatically downloaded and stored in the temporary storage (hard drive).

Nevertheless, enabling the browser caching for the website reduce the page loading time and the users easily visits to your websites in less time. It is depending on, which platform you’re using. There are different ways to enable browser caching. Like: If you’re using WordPress which is the easiest way to enable the caching to install a plugin.

Examples of caching are:
1. W3 Total Cache, which most popular performance plugin, and
2. WP Super Cache, which best for high traffic and underpowered servers.

Remove unnecessary plugins


Every plugin adds some requires resources to run, however, more resources leads to slow down the websites. So you should find the unnecessary plugins and deactivate or delete them for better your websites performance. And by removing those resources you consider the improvement in the website.

Therefore, just avoid those plugins or remove it. 50 plugins still have a faster website than someone who installed 10 plugins it also depends upon, which platform you’re using. There are many extension which help to boost your website speed: JQuery Easy, JavaScript Async, ScriptsDown, Defer as well as LLFJ.

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content delivery network

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of multiple servers located around the world that deliver web content to end-users through their location. It hosts the static files of the website in order to deliver and also reduce your bandwidth and server load which boost the speed of the website.

By CDN, the web contents will deliver quicker which better the performance of the website and also increase the number of visitors on your website. Therefore, using CDN, save a lot of bandwidth and also improve the loading time of the page. CDN can store CSS and JavaScript files as well as PDFs, images, videos, and many other types of content. CDN is quite expensive but also beneficial for your website.

Source: InApps.net

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