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Solomon Hykes

Solomon Hykes is the founder, CTO and chief architect of Docker and the creator of the Docker open source initiative. In his role at Docker, he is focused on building a platform for developers and system administrators to build, ship, run and orchestrate distributed applications.

For Solomon Hykes, founder and CEO of Docker, IT plumbing functions best if it is worked on by the entire community of its users, with developers modifying it however they wish and submitting the results back to the repository. While some organizations shy away from making their code open source, Docker embraces all contributions — Regardless of the fact that some of the resulting creations could one day become its competition.

In this episode of InApps Technology Makers podcast, InApps Technology founder Alex Williams spoke with Hykes to hear his thoughts on cluster management when working at scale, orchestration, and how Docker is helping improve the open source community. The interview if from the recently-published TNS EBook “Automation & Orchestration With Docker and Containers.”

“Basically, what we’re saying is that’s okay, we all benefit. Docker benefits because if you’re going to build something else, something other than Docker using the same plumbing, then the plumbing will get better in process. Therefore, Docker will get better,” Hykes said.

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Listen to the interview here:

Docker’s Solomon Hykes: If Tools Aren’t Accessible, Our Industry Has Failed

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The discussion can also be heard on YouTube.

Enlarging the community of users is one of the missions of Docker, Inc.

While there will always be people that think differently, there is a current barrier of entry to learning programming which makes it inaccessible to a vast assortment of people. If you have an interesting idea for an application or service, without having a certain amount of programming experience, developing software can be not only daunting but impossible. Hykes explains that there are a variety of projects currently ongoing which aim to make programming more accessible while Docker is hoping to make the tools used to create new things accessible as well.

“To program, you need tools. If these tools are not designed to be accessible and useful to programmers of all levels of expertise and specialization, then as an industry we failed,” Hykes said.

Building software can often be likened to creating a vast, interconnected grid of systems such as a city grid. Hykes then went on to highlight how Docker can help developers function in their role while also improving their particular building within the city of their infrastructure.

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“That’s really what Docker is good at because it’s good at finding a common framework to components that often are very different and that’s why again we emphasize so much the fact that you can use Docker to manage your existing city. Docker will adapt to what you already have,” Hykes said.

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