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JIRA Software Smooths Software Development for the Enterprise – InApps is an article under the topic Devops Many of you are most interested in today !! Today, let’s InApps.net learn JIRA Software Smooths Software Development for the Enterprise – InApps in today’s post !

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Building and maintaining software for the enterprise requires developers to work together in vastly different time zones and across vast geographic distances. JIRA Software offers the ability to coordinate such operations for enterprise-level DevOps teams.

Recently, Atlassian redesigned its flagship JIRA issue tracking software from the ground up. The company now offers the software in three versions. One is the original product, and two new editions are modified versions, one for managing service desks and another for non-technical teams.

JIRA Software is meant to help software development teams manage the workflow of their development process. It features customizable collaboration boards, with the ability to create new workflow schemas to match one’s development process or implement a preset solution. Team managers are able to assign status levels to issues, prioritizing those which require immediate action.

Pictured: Workflow, JIRA Software

Workflow, JIRA Software

Jira software has some competition in this field. The issue tracker DoneDone has also adopted a similar approach to JIRA, uniting traditional issue tracking and customer support as incoming customer emails become tracked. Issues able to be assigned to team members of one’s choosing. Lighthouse also offers the ability to set and meet goals within a team as well, with developers able to organize tasks by priority also.

Project management in an enterprise-level capacity requires developers to know what their other team members are responsible for, while still being free to work on their piece of a project. Rather than having to constantly ping coworkers to address a ticket, developing at-scale means that there often isn’t time to ask for updates on an open issue multiple times a day. Pushing new code or resolving bugs takes priority.

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“JIRA Software offers users over a dozen reports that track team performance and provide real-time, visual updates that can be used to identify trends, stay up-to-date on progress, and improve productivity each and every sprint,” said Junie Dinda, JIRA head of product marketing.

Pictured: Issue Backlog, JIRA Software

Issue Backlog, JIRA Software

JIRA Software serves as a central hub for every member of a software team by integrating with all of the developer tools the team is already using. These deep integrations ensure all of the information within JIRA Software is always current, freeing team members to focus on the real work at hand.

“JIRA Software’s Release Hub keeps every member of the team up-to-date on the health and status of upcoming releases, even proactively flagging work that it doesn’t think is ready for production servers,” Dinda said.

A new sidebar in JIRA Software offers a summary of every phase of the software development lifecycle – planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting, all of which are only one click away from anywhere on the dashboard. For those teams with multiple releases to manage at various stages of production, the sidebar saves time and leaves more opportunity to focus attention on issues which require attention throughout the day. These changes are the result of Atlassian acting on user feedback, in which many developers reported the need for a sidebar to quickly navigate between releases without having to close or switch between project platforms.

Pictured - Release Hub & Sidebar, JIRA Software

Release Hub & Sidebar, JIRA Software

As more companies move toward breaking up larger products into more micro-service styled offerings, JIRA Software offers a flexible issue tracking system to meet these emerging needs. This enables software developers to not only collect valuable data from users but to analyze and better understand that data to turn it into actionable items.

Atlassian will offer more details about the newly redesigned JIRA Software at its annual user conference, being held this week in San Francisco.

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Feature image: “The Perfect Software Architect” by Martino Sabia is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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