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With the best tools for Agile project management, you can boost team productivity today. Remove the impediments to collaboration and watch people grow. We have compiled a list of the best Agile project management tools, along with the features of each tool for your reference.

Because Agile is one of the most popular and in-demand software development approaches these days, we are confident that this list will assist you in deciding, selecting, and learning about agile project management software that may be utilized in your project.


Popular tool in Agile software development

What is Agile?

Before we go into the tools, we must understand the notion of Agile.

If you take the word Agile literally, it implies “capable of moving fast and effortlessly.” The same notion applies when we talk about Agile in terms of project management or software development.


What is scrum agile project management?

Agile is a project management style that is mainly used for software development. It is characterized by the breakdown of a large job into several smaller tasks and the attachment of these tasks to short and incremental work sessions known as sprints.

The primary goal of this method is to provide speedy and early delivery, regular evaluation and adaptive planning, continual improvement, and a flexible reaction to change.

What is Scrum Agile Project Management tool?

Agile project management tools are software solutions that enable developers and project managers to produce goods and services by utilizing Agile methodology. The tools include iterative processes and a feedback mechanism that allows continual project examination and enhancement.

An Agile project management solution enhances project management by offering a centralized database, collaborative workspace, project progress tracking functions, and performance measuring capabilities.

Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), and the Adaptive Project Framework are examples of frameworks used in agile project management (APF).


Best online scrum board – Agile project management tools and techniques

Top benefits of using Agile Project Management tools

Agile project management solutions are popular because they may boost team productivity, financial performance, and customer satisfaction.

Improved product quality:

The tools assist you in visualizing task timelines, allowing you to better plan the modifications and activities necessary for product development. It will enable clients to examine each phase promptly, resulting in a higher-quality outcome.

Enhanced customer involvement and satisfaction:

Agile project management entails working in sprints, allowing project managers to engage clients at various project phases. This ensures client satisfaction since clients have complete visibility into the project.

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Greater efficiency:

The technologies allow the project team to respond to and resolve customer issues more quickly than before. Regular query resolution and a real-time view of project tasks lead to effective time management and the elimination of rework or lost hours.

Reduced project failure risk:

Agile project management tools assist managers in adapting to the client’s demands and preferences at each stage of the project. This is accomplished by soliciting customer comments at each review step, which specifies their precise requirements. The method adds value at each level and reduces the likelihood of project failure.

13 best tools for Agile Project Management

Here is a list of 13 free Scrum tools to assist you efficiently managing your Agile software engineers:


This straightforward web-based solution is essentially a web-based replica of an Agile sprint board, allowing your team to participate in real-time. This might be useful when you don’t have an actual board on hand or work with a dispersed Agile team.


Best free agile project management software


Trello may appear too basic to be an effective Agile tool at first look. Despite this, its cards provide all the information required for successful project management. You may move cards across lists to demonstrate progress, make comments for instant feedback, and upload files from your desktop, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive. Not only that, but Trello will use notifications to notify you of important occurrences. Trello has no features that you will not find helpful and is entirely free to use.


Popular tool used in agile software development


iceScrum is an online Scrum solution with Dashboard and Timeline views, Product Backlog, Release, Sprint Plans, Actors, and Team functions. It helps with the visual organization by using virtual sticky notes. Although iceScrum is free for one team with an infinite number of members, public projects are restricted to one in the free edition.


Best tools for agile project management


This program allows you to handle practically any project online. Prediction functionality, Excel input and export, and automated burnup charts are among its features. ScrumDo is available for free to agile teams of up to seven persons.


Popular tools used in agile software development


Yodiz is an all-in-one free Agile tool that is powerful and very easy to use. Its significant advantage over rival products is that it is fully customizable — you can create custom fields, board layouts, change board colors, and much more. Yodiz is free for up to three users and unlimited projects.


Which one is a popular tool used in agile?



ScrumDesk is ideal for Scrum and Kanban teams of all sizes. It is an Agile project management application that supports all Scrum ceremonies while being user-friendly and transparent. It even provides Agile coaching advice. ScrumDesk is available for free for up to four people.


Best free agile software development tools


Kanbanchi is the first free online Agile task and project management solution designed for Google G Suite. Individual individuals, small teams, and significant companies working inside the Google ecosystem may benefit from it. All of Kanbanchi’s core features are free, including an infinite amount of dashboards and cards, sorting and filtering tools, and the ability to manipulate dashboards as files on Google Drive. There are also many extra features accessible for a nominal monthly cost.


Best tools for agile project management


Pipefy provides managers with the ability to create and execute any process using a Kanban-style user interface. Although it offers pre-designed process templates for tasks such as task management, software development, bug tracking, help desk, and much more, workflows may be modified without the need for technical personnel. All of Pipefy’s basic features are free for teams of up to five people.


Popular tool for agile software development


VivifyScrum is an Agile project management application designed for teams that utilize the scrum or Kanban methodologies. It enables users to construct their scrum and Kanban boards and invite other users to work on them and participate in scrum sprints. VivifyScrum also includes burndown charts for measuring team success, various external interfaces, and planning poker for project estimating. The Free Plan provides for an infinite number of boards, users, and products, while the Premium Plan includes specific sophisticated capabilities.


Best free agile project management software


KanbanTool is a web-based Kanban board that includes time monitoring and detailed Kanban analytics and data. It includes Kanban cards, colors, swimlanes, tags, and due dates to help you keep track of your project’s progress. KanbanTool’s most basic version is free for two users and two boards, but the expanded commercial editions are still more than reasonable.


Open source agile project management software


Targetprocess is a visual and adaptable Agile adoption and scaling software designed for small teams and large companies. It enables you to quickly get a distraction-free overview of your projects before drilling down or scaling up for specifics. Custom reports are also available, as is interaction with over 60 applications. Targetprocess is free for teams with unlimited users; however, the maximum number of entities is 1000.


Agile project management tools and techniques

VersionOne Lifecycle

VersionOne Lifecycle combines Agile portfolio planning, product road mapping, release and iteration tracking, Agile metrics and analytics, and a slew of additional capabilities. These are meant to be readily scaled up and down across teams, project workspaces, portfolios, and regions. VersionOne Lifecycle is free for a single Agile team.


Best free agile project management software

Zoho Projects

Zoho Tasks helps you break down large projects into smaller, more manageable chunks. This is accomplished by using milestones, task lists, and tasks. With this application, you can track your progress using detailed charts and reports, swiftly track and resolve issues, and connect with other team members, vendors, and consultants. For one project, Zoho Projects is free.


Agile project management tools and techniques

Final Words

We hope this article is helpful for you in choosing the best tools for Agile Project Management.

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