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Native Mobile App Development vs React Native- How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Business App? is an article sent to you by the InApps editorial team. Hope readers will have more useful knowledge at www.inapps.net

You are viewing the article: Native Mobile App Development vs React Native- How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Business App?

An age-old battle between native and cross-platform apps is still on. Though the cross-platform app development technology has an upper hand from the perspectives of cost and development duration, native apps are still a choice of many enterprises for offering a pleasant, native experience.

Let’s dig deep in the cross-platform app development, which has several powerful weapons in its arsenal. One of them is React Native, which is designed and nurtured by a software giant Facebook.

Isn’t it interesting to compare both React Native and Native mobile app development because they exert a major impact on the app development process? But, before that let’s go through the basic information about both native and React Native app development:

  • What is Native Mobile App Development?

As the name suggests, a native mobile app provides native look and feel of a particular OS. These apps are written in the particular programming language for a specific platform. For example, an iOS app is written in either Swift or Objective-C (The official programming languages for iOS apps). Similarly, an Android app is written in either Kotlin or Java.

  • What is React Native Mobile App Development?

The growing demand for cross-platform apps leads to the rise of a JavaScript-based framework, React Native. This platform can build natively rendering mobile apps for both Android and iOS. An app development company can use this platform to make cross-platform apps with a native-like experience in a short duration.

  • Native Development- Pros and Cons

Entrepreneurs tend to jump on the mobile app bandwagon to leverage the benefits of mobility for their business. They choose native apps for the following reasons. Here we give separate pros and cons for iOS and Android platforms.

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IOS App Development

1. Every year, Apple comes up with a newer iOS version. You can readily integrate technological advancements in the enterprise iOS app to stay relevant
2. You can get a futuristic application with awesome performance and elegant user interface compatible with all iOS devices
3. You can get an app compatible with iOS SDK and other stringent standards, it makes your app more robust
4. Your app can be listed in the App Store without much hurdles, which can give your customers more confidence
5. Your app can utilize a plethora of free components to have a premium functionality

Android App Development

1. All native API-related features can be readily integrated
2. Your app can utilize all the features of Android devices
3. You can get an app that can work on the basic Android phone as well
4. It is easy to modify your app in the future with Android technology
5. A big Android developer community support is always available
6. Your app can be readily listed on Google Play that enhances trust for your business

Now, let’s go through the cons for both these operating systems.


IOS App Development

1. Cost is high due to advanced technology and longer development duration
2. Your app needs a regular maintenance and update because of the advent of changes

Android App Development

1. Cost is high because of extensive testing on every popular device
2. Development time is higher because of the longer testing procedure
3. OEMs interfere with the code due to the nature of Android that may change the outcome

React Native Development- Pros and Cons

Once there was a notion that it is impossible to make an app for different platforms using a single framework. Ionic, React Native, and other frameworks have shattered this belief and bring the concept of developing a cross-platform app in thriving mobile app development domain.

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1. Your app can be developed faster as the React Native has many ready-to-apply components
2. Your app can be seamlessly run across both iOS and Android platforms as React Native app development needs the same codebase for these platforms
3. Your app can be rapidly updated with new features and you can readily tweak the UI
4. Virtual DOM enables your app to keep running during modification
5. There is no need of separate teams like that in the native app development
6. A JavaScript developer can build and test your app single-handedly
7. React Native app development is cheaper than native app development
8. It is easier to find bugs in React Native app than a native app because React Native development is free from additional sequences like native app development
9. It gives a high flexibility to your app that can help you make the app more user-friendly
10. These pros make React Native one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks


1. A seamless UX (User Experience) is not possible because React Native has no navigation system
2. React Native has limited resources, and at times, it is difficult to integrate customized features in the app
3. React Native has relatively smaller community than Android and iOS developer community
4. It does not support all native APIs (Application Program Interface)
6. It is difficult to make an app design compatible with the standards set by iOS and Android
7. You cannot deploy your app on the App Store and Google Play

We have just gone through the pros and cons of ‘Real’ native and React Native app development. If you want to get more insight on this aspect, it is better to consult an app development company.

What You should Prefer for Developing Business App

As a prominent mobile app development services provider, we know how difficult it is to choose between native and React Native platforms for entrepreneurs like you. Therefore, here we give tips to help you select the right technology for your next business mobile app:

  • If you want to target a niche market for your business, go for a native app
  • If you want an app for either Android or iOS, go for a native platform
  • If you want to utilize specific features of Android and iOS, go for a native technology
  • If you want an app for both iOS and Android in a quick way, opt for React Native app
  • If you want an app in a less cost, go for React Native framework
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In brief, it is fair to mention that when time and cost are dominant factors, React Native can lend a helping hand. Whereas, if you want to attract people with a feature-rich app having an appealing interface, then you should go for a native app development.


Wrapping Up

Well, at Solution Analysts, we offer both React Native and native app development services to build the next-gen mobile apps. How about consulting our experienced professionals to find the most suitable platform for your enterprise-grade app?

If this sounds good to you, feel free to connect with us at sales@solutionanalysts.com. Our experts will soon contact you to define the path of transforming your brilliant app concept into a stunning reality.

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