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Whether you possess the small group of grocery stores chains or the multi dollar business, the question that will give you sleepless night that only be, “HOW SHOULD I EXPAND MY BUSINESS SO AS THE PROFIT RATIO”. Isn’t it?

That could only happen if you reinvent yourself and evolve according to the latest technology. In today’s tech driven market it is mandatory to think mobile first. In addition, focus your business strategies on building the unswerving consumer and employee experience.

A fraternity of retailers were thinking about who is going to be the picture of the industries in next 30 years. Times as the ferri’s will spin and it was good as much as necessary to make you woozy. In last 3 decades the dramatic changes has seen in the industry because of the involvement of the latest technologies.

The shopping chains are closing their numerous stores and at the same time Amazon has break the records of the sales in the holyday season, everybody is now aware about the growing craze of the latest technology.

With the concept of the 3D printed fashion accessories along with the voice, operated shopping application, the constant reinventing our self along with the enthusiasm to be the best in the business would be the motto of the future entrepreneurs.

A futuristic shopping experience with the virtual fitting rooms and 3D foot scanner

The new technologies are planning to make the shopping experience more expedient and efficient. The shopper can stand in front of a 3D virtual mirror and can see those clothes will fit them or not. Forget the trial room.

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It’s a cliché now. It will also help the shoppers to find their exact shoe size without a help of a shoehorn. It could be achieve by the real sense 3d cameras. These cameras are currently placed I the Nordstrom stores. Shoppers just have to stand on the platform where these cameras are mounted.

This innovation will probably aware the user for their exact size and so as the consequences of going for the wrong one.

Personalize shopping experience

Personalize shopping experience facilities are the key to gain the higher consumer ratio. It has become a higher priority for every retailer now. Enabling the personalize shopping experience will results into evaluating the consumer needs, their choices and preferences helping to accomplish more consumer loyalty which will lead to the greater profit.

It’s just not as if explicating the consumer needs and requests but are proficient to imagine what consumer would want next (even before consumer thought about). Putting the completely new assumption based shopping experience will require technology of course.

For that, myriad point of various data should be collecting and applied on sophisticated analytically on online as well offline platform along with exciting offers through all the channels.

The only thing that simplifies the relation between Omni channels and retains business is demandware! Moreover, it cannot be possible without the engagement of giant companies those who provide the direct platform to customer commitment, merchandising.

The demandware cloud is the heart of the digital shopping for those who want to reinvent the Omni channels along with the more squash brands, together with digitizing the stores and integrating the latest technology in very competitive prices.

There will be plenty of business advantageous opportunities, as the any retailer will concentrate on spending hours on strategic initiatives. It will provide the utter best personalized shopping experience as it made of because of predictive intelligence.

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Evaluating the online and offline data, it will give deliver customer’s data on bigger canvas based on behavior, shopping history that would help retailer to provide the modify merchandising along with marketing to deliver the most personalized shopping experience.

Solution to empower retail employee

Well, lustrous mobile application and extremely user-friendly websites have over shadowed the Omni channel retail employees. In spite of the growing trend of mobile shopping people still, need to talk with the employee for confirmation or whatever, so indeed the need of employee is must in the industries.

But, to aware about the latest technologies and provide the better training programs this could be turn into a huge revenue ration because consumer believes much more on helpful and knowledgeable staff rather than just relying on technologies.

Well, in next few years the personalize shopping experience will have the importance place in the retail industry and the growing technology will allow users to nearly the ideal shopping experience but would it be possible without the handful assistant of the knowledgeable staff?

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