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Has the NFT Bubble burst? The NFT market has finally crashed? Many people’s sentiment has been after the recent NFT hype, yet the reality is very different. In Q2/2021, the new NFT world is here, with new players, new challenges, but an ever-bright future. Welcome to the Second NFT Age.

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From here on in the market, trends are analyzed and dissected, day after day, to identify a potential peak or market crash. Companies and institutions from all walks of life and sectors are starting to question the impact these famous NFTs could have on their strategy. The most advanced are already developing their product of tomorrow, based on or using Non-fungible tokens.




Do you know the greatest strength of NFTs?

This asset class saw its development forged during the great “Crypto Winter” of 2018/2019. Remember it? This is the period when all cryptocurrencies saw their value drop steadily until Bitcoin reached $5,000 and Ether less than $100.

NFTs are in a rising tide. We have only just experienced the first wave and are now in a state of reflux, normal, predictable, healthy. The next wave will be stronger, more powerful, and will bring new stakeholders and use cases with it, and onwards we go.

Whether you embarked three years ago or three weeks ago, welcome to this incredible adventure that we all participate in building day after day.


We are the “early bird” of the new world era. Therefore, we must continuously learn, accept and adapt to the digital world, especially Blockchain technology.

Think about the day that our next generation living in a cashless society, paying rent by using “gas.” The early we move, the better for the next generation.

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At InApps Technology, we’re optimistic about what the future holds for NFTs. If you don’t act now, when?

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