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Fitness freaks and health-conscious people prefer a healthy diet and want to track their progress regularly. The recent pandemic has compelled many people to change their eating habits and sedentary lifestyle to remain healthy and stay protected against the infection. Though gyms and fitness clubs are good options to stay fit, it is almost impossible to visit there amid lockdown-like situations and social distancing norms. 

In this turbulent time, the and fitness app acts as a savior. The mobile app development company can develop a health and fitness app to keep people fit and healthy. Gyms and fitness clubs can offer their customers a personalized experience through such apps. Another useful idea is to build a diet app with user-friendly features. You can build a diet app to assist people to get a nutritious diet and monitor the daily intake of calories.

If you want to build a diet app with desired features, then this guide will remain handy for you. Here we dig deep into the most necessary features, and the cost of the diet and nutrition app. But, before discussing these aspects, let’s have a quick look at some of the best diet app concepts that are beneficial for users and dieticians or owners of such apps alike. 

Quick Glance at Best Diet App Ideas 

These days various diet apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. All these apps have minor differences in features and functionality as they cater to different target audiences. 

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Calorie Calculators

Such apps can count the calorie intake on a daily basis. After entering the goal related to weight gain or loss, the user can add necessary details like daily activities to burn calories and routine food. Calorie calculators or calorie calculating apps can measure the calories absorbed and burnt based on these details and suggest a nutritious diet.  

Calorie Calculators

You can consider to build a diet app like MyFitnessPal, which is a calorie calculating app with over 11.7 million users. 

Social Platforms

This is a unique concept that connects users with diet and nutrient coaches on a dedicated social media network. It is possible to get expert advice, suggestions, and professional tips related to diet and nutrition through such apps. 

Nutrition and Diet App Development-CTA-1

Wager Apps

Have you ever heard that betting can help users to lose weight? Wager or betting apps can give the answer to this question. These apps enable users to bet a certain amount of money for losing a certain amount of weight in a particular time limit. If they lose that much weight in the specific time limit, they can get their money back. 

The diet app development company can also make apps for niche segments like diabetic patients or pregnant women. 

Must-have Features for Diet and Nutrition App

Unlike a customized healthcare app, a diet and nutrition app has no complicated features. Here are the top features of a diet and nutrition app. 

Profile Creation or User Registration

This is exactly the same feature as the healthcare and fitness app. Users can register themselves in the app through contact details or email addresses before making their profiles and fill the necessary personal information. 

Profile Creation

The user information includes age, weight, height, goals, desired weight, allergies, and other personal details. The users can also use their social media accounts to register and create their profiles in the app.  

Interactive Dashboard

This is one of the most important features and the diet app development company can make it as user-friendly and interesting as possible to attract more users to your app. Once the users are registered in the app, they can easily see all the useful information like calorie intake and progress charts along with various tips. 

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It is fair to mention that this feature is one of the crucial factors to decide the fate of your nutrition and diet app. An appealing and interactive dashboard can attract more people to the app and it can ensure the success of the app. 

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Users’ Goals

This is one of the most basic features of the diet and nutrition app. The app assists users to achieve their goals through a healthy diet. Desired weight and preferred food with a healthy diet plan suggested by the app plays a vital role in achieving goals. 

A healthy diet has all the elements necessary for maintaining nutritious value and involves the user’s food preferences. This feature should be highly effective and user-friendly so that they can make the most of it. 

Push Notifications

It is one of the most useful features of any B2C mobile apps. Be it diet or health app development, push notifications are useful for sending useful tips and other necessary information to the app users in real-time. 

Push Notifications

However, push notifications can annoy users if they are frequent. In worst cases, this annoyance can lead the users to delete the app. Therefore, it is necessary to make a proper strategy for sending push notifications before developing a nutrition and diet app. 

Integrations with Other Devices

This is a great benefit of the nutrition and diet app. Wearables or fitness trackers are gaining popularity swiftly among fitness enthusiasts. Fitness app development companies can integrate these trackers or devices. As per Statista, approximately 929 million wearables will be connected by 2021. 

The diet and nutrition app development company can integrate the app with other devices and wearables. It facilitates users to track their progress on a smartphone. 

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Help Desk or Support System

Using advanced diet and nutrition apps is quite a task for a certain age group. Complexity and interrelations of features can confuse aged users at times. In such a situation, it is necessary for you to maintain their trust in the app and your services. 

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You can offer a help desk and FAQs along with an interactive video that can act as a user manual, and your app’s users can utilize all the features with ease. 

Reviews or Feedback

Review or Feedback section includes suggestions and thoughts of real users. These reviews not only assist you to improve the app’s performance but also attracts other people to your app. You can make your app more user-friendly and smooth by following constructive suggestions. 

Also, you can find the loopholes in your app’s performance through the feedback and resolve them. 

Cost of Diet App Development

Like any other apps, it is difficult to determine the development cost of a diet and nutrition app because it depends on multiple factors. These factors are interrelated and complex. Therefore, the diet app development company can give you a quote based on the app’s complexity and features. Another major factor is the app developer’s hourly rates. 

Concluding Lines

In this comprehensive guide, we have covered all must-have features and types of diet and nutrition apps. Hope it will help you come up with a feature-rich and customized app solution for people who focus on diet and nutrition to stay fit. 

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