3 Reasons to hire Offshore Development Company in Vietnam

Is it a good idea to choose Offshore Development Company in Vietnam?

Have you ever ask yourself this question? If yes, please view below some reasonable advantages of Offshore Development Company in Vietnam and give us your feedback:

1. Lower cost

First of all, the average salary of Offshore Development Company in Vietnam is relatively cheaper compared with the world and adjacent countries, including India, Thailand, and China. In china, worker’s salary is double to Vietnam and contract to US, Canada or Australia, the hour labor cost in Vietnam is much cheaper. while 1 hour of Vietnamese developer cost about 12$ – 18$, US developer cost ten times higher.

2. Highly Skilled Work Force

In addition, Vietnamese developers of Offshore Development Company access to a highly skilled workforce, especially in Software Development (Vietnamese people are generally smart, hardworking, and the percentage of people with IT background is higher and higher). Moreover, to adapt global economy, The number of Vietnam offshore development Start-up company and SME are increasing day by day, they often founded and manage by experienced senior developers, enhancing a rich source to any kind of customer, even that is a local shop or big4.

3. English

Furthermore, when it comes to learning English, a sincere push for education from the Government and Family keep being heavier in 2017.  Because people believe that English is the ticket to success, you don’t need to worry about language while working with Vietnamese Software Development Company. Vietnam is so pro-English that wealthy families send their kids abroad in High School. As a result, the kids adopt English as their first language and consequently English culture as their dominant culture. There are some kids have lost touch with their Vietnamese identity yet know they will never be true Brits, Australians or Americans. The result is that even the kids who don’t have the money to study abroad learn English very well in Vietnam, there are English schools on every corner.

However, there are 2 main disadvantages that you should consider if you make decision to choose an offshore development company in Vietnam

  • Slow and cumbersome bureaucracy, lack of transparency, and rampant corruption among officials.
  • Being ruled by a totalitarian regime, Vietnam’s political, social, and economic policies are inconsistent and subject to unpredictable changes.

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