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About the app

The built app is a social networking platform for actors and agencies to create networks, hire, identify new talent, and grow business. The app is created to serve three main type of users that are actors, agencies, and admin.


InApps helped our client to identify detailed app functionalities and designs.

Filtered Search

To enhance user experience, InApps integrated a filter search feature for both users and agents.


This feature allows users to filter and search for other actors, industries, or verified users on the app. Besides, we added search criteria in terms of state and city so users can look up and connect to people in their geographic proximity.

The Final Takeaway

The app is a revolutionary solution for the filming and casting industry which has successfully gotten rid of the need for a middle-man and helped models and agencies stay in touch effectively.


InApps is proud to help our client reach his overreaching goal by advancing the platform functionality and UX design.


In order to have a throughout ideation process on the app requirements, InApps team started with customer persona and user flow in-depth analysis. To define things in a detailed and systematic manner, we designed wireframes of both the actor and the industry flow.


Wireframes made by our business analysts not only helped feed the design team for better engineering, but when we shared this with the client, they also gave better insights after seeing a detailed outline of their idea.

Account Stages

The app has many stages with different functionalities. Regarding actors, they can upload, maintain and share their work portfolio. In addition, actors can also upload their work experience and have newsfeeds where they can stay updated with their fellow users by uploading posts, pictures, and comments.


The app also has unique features for industries/agencies. In specific, those organizations can find similar businesses nearby or make reviews on models who once collaborated with them.


Moreover, agencies havingg a ‘verified’ tick on their profile will be prioritized to be easily searched for by aspiring models. Agencies could assign page managers and add industry-specific keywords to highlight their profiles and create business connections.

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