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About project

InApps helped a well-known online grocery business in Peru improve its online shopping experience and manage its growing customer base. The goal of the project was to create a more stable and user-friendly environment for the company.

Our Strategy

The team conceptualized and implemented various features into an e-commerce platform for the first time.

These include a product availability tracker, which allows users to see when products are available, as well as a list of nearby locations. In order to get the products they want, they have to place their orders at least 24 hours in advance.

The team also created a user-friendly admin section that allows the company to manage various aspects of its business. One of these is the Instagram posts that the company uses to promote its products. We also partnered with a local payment gateway, which is known as Mercado Pago, to allow its customers to make payments.

Technologies Used



The InApps team was tasked with developing a new e-commerce platform that would meet the client’s new requirements. The company requires a robust and user-friendly platform that would allow its customers to make personalized purchases and manage their payments.

Made For

  • Vendors
  • Buyers


Our client was totally impressed when the project was presented. And now, as we are on the verge of launching this amazing online grocery app, the client is literally upon cloud no. 9. After reviewing the app functionality in the initial demos, our client is definitely looking for a long-term relationship with InApps.


A new project is already proposed to our team for inventory management and automation. Our team has come up with options to make the app fully automated and semi-manual depending on the budget.

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