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About BookMyTaxi

Witnessing a rising demand for taxi rentals, the client sparked an idea for his business. In specific, the project was to develop a taxi mobile offline taxi booking service. This is a huge step in digitalizing the business by offering an online portal for customers across the country.


The business owner has brought this idea to InApps with a request to design a modern and user-friendly online taxi booking platform.

Trip summary with google map

Regarding the UX enhancement, we created designs where riders can add multiple city destinations and stops while selecting their pick-up and drop locations.


Google Maps, therefore was introduced to the app as one of the most important elements. This integration has simplified the booking and travel experience on the app.

Final Takeaway

Although this was a rather simplistic design interface, InApps challenge was to make sure that the client who was venturing into the digital world for the first time, understood functionality and features easily.

Our Challenges

In order to create an easy-to-use interface, the InApps team has to gain an in-depth understanding of the user’s mindset. Therefore, the team conducted an analysis of the driving and car rental of both drivers and riders before heading into the design process.

Easy Onboarding

As stated as one of the key users’ would-be drivers, Inapps aims to provide an easy onboarding experience for app users.

We design a minimal screen with only important information so that driver can follow and complete his tasks within the shortest time span.

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