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About the Project

We designed a smart case for Android to provide users with a convenient way to access information.


It’s not just any case, but it’s a sophisticated one that allows users to select the information they want to view without opening their devices. We were tasked with creating an intuitive app and the necessary features for its seamless performance.

Widget Screen

The main features of the app are the notifications, camera, and settings, which are the most frequently used functions on every device. We had to make sure that the icons were easy to access and fit seamlessly into the overall design.

Manage Widget

One of the most prominent features of the app is the ability to select multiple apps that you want to view on the device. This allows users to complete their tasks easily. We wanted to make sure that the users were able to use the app’s features efficiently, so we designed a list that included five different apps.

About App

The app was built to allow users to easily customize the services that are available on the platform’s interface. The login screen was also simple and featured only essential elements.


We designed two watch styles for the app: an analog and a digital one. We also gave users the option to customize the Quick Call list as per their preference. The app’s customization features allow users to easily get the most out of their case.

Detail Screens

The next step was to create a full view of the various functions in the app’s interface. We wanted to keep the design simple and clutter-free. To achieve this, we had to fit the necessary information in a minimal space.

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