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About project

Our client, who is a WhatsApp user has a burning idea in converting WhatsApp chat into beautiful memories in the format of a printed book.


Therefore, they find InApps to propose the idea and want to have a solution to get that idea to life. With the platform, any WhatsApp users can use this mobile app to create custom eBooks and print WhatsApp chat to preserve their favorite chats

Our Strategy

Taking advantage of having years of experience in the field of social media, we tackled the challenges but still follow a privacy policy and data protection. Our profound tech expertise enabled us to find a way to “print” the content in the format of video and voice chats.


Yes, you do not hear it wrong! We made it by using QR technology. In detail, we integrate an element that helps convert the voice chat and videos into a QR code. To play the videos/voice chat, you only have to scan the QR code provided in the book.

Technologies Used

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Node JS


The project’s core objective is to keep the media content easy to print yet ensure to protect of users’ data and privacy.  The challenge is the data exporting process from a messaging app like WhatsApp is very complex.


Another objective was to find a way to record the media files (including Voice Messages) and print them along with the textual chats.

Made For

Users of WhatsApp


During the collaboration, our client was 100% satisfied with us regarding the engagement and project journey.


Our client finds the final product easy to use, secure, and robust. InApps team is motivated by this positive feedback and as of now, we are in discussions for future developments.

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