Project Brief

The app is under the format of a multi-vendor marketplace that provides a variety of branded products ranging from groceries, food, and cosmetics to automobile accessories. The platform can cater to all of the customer’s needs.


The client had an existing website in .NET and a mobile app. However, the current website is suffering from lagging issues. Therefore, the business needs a brand new website with more features that can handle the data, customers, promotions, and orders easily.


The client’s final goal is to have a new website and a cross-platform mobile app for both Android and iOS smartphone users.


Faced Challenges

Customization of vendor plugin in Arabic language and development from scratch with ZERO downtime.

Team InApps main challenge was to integrate the client’s required and personalized characteristics on the mega menu, checkout functionality, and shipping method with an additional new language, and value addition on the vendor account.


Vendor Plugin that could convert the Magento website into an all-in-one online shopping mall was available in English, which was needed to convert into the local language (Arabic). It was challenging for Team InApps to self-conceptualize and install extraordinary features according to the new market requirements.


The team also has to take care of the Magento migration services as the existing website was developed using .NET technology. The challenges were many, but the team had everything in its arsenal to neutralize them.

Key Benefits

  • Since the app mainly serves local people and they also prefer an app that supports the mother language, we developed the website and mobile app in Arabic.


  • Magento provides greater flexibility over .NET framework for multi-vendor ecommerce applications. It is easy to chip in with customizations and select a variety of Magento extensions or plugins for overall functionality.


  • React Native development enables business owners to target both Android and iOS device users. This enhances the app’s visibility and functionality while keeping the cost affordable.


Services Provided

  • UI/UX Design
  • Front end Development
  • Cross-platform App Development
  • Backend Development
  • QA & Software Testing

Project Approach

To further improve the website, the InApps team developed a new platform considering all the required details. We integrated special modules and features such as delivery date extensions, and pickups for various segments of the customer base.


To reach out to more customers, the application can be navigated in both the native language and English. Moreover, the InApps team created a sub-website with a functional admin panel for particular vendors allowing them through Dashboard to be able to do certain fundamental functions like manage items and content.


Even, drivers are able to call the customer and service support agent if they have any query or question related to the trip and view all the notifications.



Technology Used

  • Magento
  • React Native
  • MySQL

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