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How about getting a real-time message or notifications for scheduling an appointment, booking a cab, delivery status of your order, or a workout schedule? The addition of real-time features like messaging, notifications, tracking, and live data streaming in your enterprise mobile apps has made it possible. The mobile app development process has evolved to enhance connectivity and communication and real-time features can boost this capability of mobile apps.

From healthcare to logistics to on-demand delivery, every major sector can leverage the benefits of real-time features and keep the customers updated with real-time information. This blog discusses how real-time features can help various industries and lead your enterprise mobile app toward success. But before moving forward, let’s have a brief introduction to different real-time features.

Types of Real-time Features

Real-time Messaging

Real-time or instant messaging is a part of life for all of us while living in a mobile-dominated world. This feature has already replaced SMS function and restricted it to receive OTPs and other promotional messages. Statista has predicted that by 2020, the users of all popular instant messaging apps like Line, We Chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger will increase two times more than their number in the year 2015.

Real-time Messaging

It is fair to mention that real-time messages are no longer limited to IM (Instant Messaging) apps. This feature can be readily integrated into various business apps. The on-demand app development remains the biggest beneficiary of this feature. Even the thriving eCommerce industry also benefits from this feature.

Push Notifications

As an entrepreneur, you must be knowing the importance and major benefits of push notifications for your company. Over the period, push notifications or real-time notifications have played a vital role as a game-changer. Apart from acting as an effective communication channel for businesses irrespective of their model, notifications are handy to inform the real-time situation of ordered goods and service status.

An official survey has revealed that the integration of push messages can increase the app launches by 88% as compared to apps that have disabled the notifications. However, it is also necessary to keep in mind that the overuse of notifications can annoy your app users and may become a reason for deletion.

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Real-time Tracking

Transportation & Logistics, eCommerce, and retail sectors can make the most of the GPS tracking system through a real-time tracking feature. It is a catalyst to boost the overall delivery process and improve the efficiency of your B2C business. Real-time tracking and order status can become inevitable components of the courier and logistics industry. Your app users or customers can get updates on time regarding their purchase orders.

Live Data Streaming

Though this is a popular trend of social media app development, many companies now tend to integrate live streaming features in business apps. Users can stream their video content easily with the help of a smartphone in real-time thanks to this feature. What’s more, live data streaming also enables the apps to create and deliver data to the end-users at once.

IoT Devices

You may wonder why have we included connected devices in real-time features? Well, IoT or connected devices can fetch real-time data and share the same with servers. This functionality enables IoT app development to develop apps with real-time features. Smart Home, logistics, and healthcare sectors can leverage the benefits of IoT device-related features.

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Let’s see how these real-time features will take enterprise mobile apps to the next level across the major industries.

Healthcare Sector

Real-time messaging, IoT, and notifications can change the face of healthcare services. On the one hand, even a slight lapse or a lack of communication can put the patient’s life at stake. And on the other hand, real-time communication can save the patient’s time and life. As per one research, miscommunication during the transfer of patients is the reason for approximately 80% of the serious medical errors.

Thankfully, healthcare mobile applications now come with real-time messaging or notifications to reduce the possibility of human errors due to miscommunication or no communication.

Real-time messaging feature in the healthcare apps can offer the following benefits to the patients and help healthcare agencies improve their services:

• Real-time chat between patients and physicians can enable the physician to stay in touch with patients and vice-versa
• Patients can securely share their medical reports to their physician as an attachment during the chat
• On-demand nursing apps can help patients find a nurse with the help of real-time messaging apps

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Real-time notifications, like other sectors, help the health & fitness sector in bringing user-friendly apps. In other words, the health & fitness app can become successful with the help of push notifications. Here are the key objectives of real-time notifications for fitness apps.

• To send reminders about workout schedules
• To send near-goal notifications to motivate the app users
• To send real-time notifications for providing crucial information about various food items

Finally, IoT app development can integrate various devices with real-time features and assist healthcare service providers to get the patient’s information in the form of MRI, X-ray, and CT Scans. What’s more, patients can buy the medicines as per prescriptions from automated pharmacies through the help of IoT devices.

On-demand apps

On-demand app development is designed to make the most of a thriving on-demand economy. From healthcare to hospitality and retail to home services; on-demand apps can serve various objectives while providing more comfort and convenience to the users. Real-time feature integration can add value to these apps.

Let’s take the example of taxi booking applications. Almost all on-demand taxi booking apps have an inbuilt real-time message feature. It helps the users and drivers to chat with each other instantly. Be it about the pick-up location instruction or the driver’s arrival at the location, real-time messaging can remain useful and interactive for the app users. It can enable users to avoid any misunderstanding and contribute to making the taxi app successful.

Similarly, on-demand delivery apps can also leverage the benefits of real-time messaging and notifications. E-commerce apps development process can include this feature with the same objective as that of taxi-booking apps. When it comes to taxi-hailing apps, notifications can keep the app users updated about the status of their trips like acceptance or rejection, and the real-time location of the driver.

In on-demand food delivery apps, the real-time messaging feature can assist the customers to send their specific requirements in the form of instant messages to the delivery boys.

Transportation and Logistics

Real-time tracking and order status update are the two most important features for transportation & logistics and courier sectors. The GPS tracking system allows the customers to get the route and monitor the movement of their consignment. The order status update notifies the customers when the product will reach to their homes. In the taxi-booking app and logistics apps, drivers can find a better route with the help of real-time tracking feature.

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Transportation and eCommerce businesses can make their apps more customer-friendly by adding real-time notifications. In the eCommerce business, this feature allows the companies to send personalized notifications to the customers about promotional offers, discounts, and the like. For the transportation industry, the app can get success by providing the facility to get end-to-end information regarding the product’s movement.


As mentioned above, eCommerce is a big beneficiary of real-time notifications. Real-time notification can make the eCommerce app successful by retaining more customers on the app. As a retailer, you can send personalized notifications to your customers on various occasions to keep them updated about your business activities. You can also send targeted notifications whenever a new product arrives in a particular category or section.

The biggest advantage of push notifications for an eCommerce company is- you can create urgency among the users. The eCommerce apps development also enables you to reduce the cart abandonment rate by integrating this feature. Also, the order status update feature can make your eCommerce app successful by enhancing transparency and improving customer relationships. This app feature also assists you to reduce the cart abandonment rate.

That’s not all! Social media app development and trading app development enable app owners to get the benefits of live streaming. Even the real estate sector can also utilize this feature to make the house find more convenient for people and help the real estate agents to seal the deal. If you are in the real estate sector, the live streaming feature enables you to stay connected with a lot of customers and agents or brokers by giving answers to their questions in real-time.

Simply put, real-time features can make the user experience more pleasant and lead various enterprise apps toward success by increasing the user’s interaction and client retention rate

Concluding Lines

Real-time features have a great impact on mobile app development services. All industry sectors can get benefits from these features and make their apps popular. When it comes to convenience and real-time updates, real-time features offer a great option. Be it an on-demand app or a social media app; a logistics app or an IoT app, real-time features are capable of improving the user experience. All you need to find a reputed and reliable mobility partner.

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