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Enterprise mobility solutions have matured with emerging technologies, and more business managers and executives can be viewed reaching out for their smart phones and tablets over laptops and desktops for passing communications, checking emails and messages and even preparing and presenting data.

The Mobile Policies

What matters most when zeroing in on mobile policies for enterprises? The issues are varied and have far-reaching implications as solutions are sought for the short term, keeping in mind budget and investment.

Planning is done for mid-term to ensure stability, security and relevance and for the long term it will be considerations of business security and growth predictions and the technological alignment with the same.

Internet of Things and Business Operations

A general prediction among the IT community is the IoT will play the central role in majority of the business operations. Seamless content access and work-on-the-go have become central to business activities.

Also, cloud storage is already playing a dominant role which leads to necessity for offline data access and fast synchronization in a secure environment. Start-ups additionally have the necessity to ensure device and platform compatibility as majority of them will have BYOD policy. Cross-platform application development using native or web-based apps will grow further.

Apps are Accessible

As open source becomes a norm and new avenues for rapid development opens up with platforms such as Windows 10, Apple’s Swift and iOS9 and Android’s Material Design, applications will no longer be out of reach.

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Development time will be curtailed and deployment will be faster and efficient with less resource wastage.

  • Back-end integration
  • Security with minimum authentication requirments
  • Flexible and agile APIs for accelerated innovation pace
  • UI/UX focus without compromising security
  • Converging IoT, Mobile Cloud

Remotely Accessible

Mobile plays to big roles in business operations – data capture and data access. Surrounding these two roles, technologies such as beacon, GPS, RFID and other new technologies will play a big role in B2B, B2C and employee interactions.

Whether it is tracking sales, supply or employee attendance, a simple scan will do the job. Further, once NFC technology is adopted in the mainstream, a lot of operations will get automated, with human intervention prevailing only for monitoring and taking action.

New Business Mode and Models

As customers and employees alike adopt mobile phone rapidly, in an untethered environment, mode of business operations are changing and new business models are arising. Businesses seek immediate results, rise in productivity, ease in access, improved operations when they seek a new application.

If it isn’t fulfilling their purpose, it is just as easily discarded, hence mobile app developers have to work towards creating agile applications that work efficiently and can be deployed rapidly.

The relevance of mobile solutions is also short-lived as new technologies emerge. Their needs must also be integrated rapidly for the app to remain relevant and last longer.

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