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The prevalence of the Internet has given rise to the disruptive technology- IoT (Internet of Things). This concept has brought revolutionary changes in the way we work and control various devices. The IoT approach is about enabling connected devices to communicate with each other to get more organized workflow that eventually leads to an optimum outcome. Today, you can simplify and automate the critical business processes with the help of IoT app development services.

As per one estimate, global IoT revenue is expected to reach $7.065 billion by 2020, almost three times from $2.712 billion in 2015. Apart from facilitating entrepreneurs to improve services and increase productivity, the IoT can open the doors of new business opportunities, and as a result, business owners have started jumping on the IoT bandwagon worldwide. However, as the technology advances by leaps and bounds, it is necessary to know a few important aspects before opting for an IoT app development.

It is hard to find any significant difference between traditional software development and IoT application development. From platforms to the development phases, everything is the same. The app development process is also similar- either agile or waterfall with the same quality assurance process. But then, the objectives are different. For example, IoT apps are meant for controlling connected devices whereas, other apps have nothing to do with the Internet-driven devices.

Here, we have identified seven noteworthy aspects of IoT app solutions:

#1  Define Communication Flow

The IoT app solutions are integrated with the IoT network that consists of different equipment and devices. A detailed communication flow should be mapped out for ensuring the success of the IoT network. It should include the information like- types and number of devices, communication approach of devices like sending or receiving the data. The enterprise IoT solutions are more complex in nature and involve many facets of your business system. So it is necessary to define the communication flow prior to start building a customized IoT app. 

#2  Make List of Requirements

The IoT technology can effectively manage many business operations. Before consulting an IoT app development company, you should precisely identify how do you suppose to use the IoT solutions. You should also do some homework to find answers to the following questions. You can also consult the IoT app development service provider to get the answers.

  • Which operations do you want to manage via an IoT app?
  • Which processes do you want to automate?
  • Which communications do you want to initiate through the app?

Though this is a time-consuming task, once you create a list of requirements, the app developer can provide you an exact price quote and estimated timeframe. 

#3  Understand Complexity

Do you know that an IoT mobile application acts as a bridge between your mobile device and the IoT-enabled device? It is obvious that when you add more devices to the IoT network, the IoT app development process gets more complicated. It is better to understand the complexity level of the app because it gives you an idea of how many different devices can be controlled and managed by your app. What’s more, the complexity level is one of the most important deciding factors of the app development cost. 

#4  Opt for New Devices

Newer devices can offer a better performance with the new IoT app because they have developer-friendly software that can help the app work in a smoother way. A company that opts for developing an IoT enterprise app for the older equipment, has to replace them sooner or later. Older devices and equipment cannot cope with an updated IoT app as well because the app updates are more advanced and create the compatibility issues with the older software of the devices.

#5  Select Platform

Like any other mobile app development process, the IoT application development process can build either native or hybrid apps. Native apps can work only on iOS or Android platform, whereas, hybrid apps can work on both. You need to select the option on the basis of objectives, preferences, users, and existing IoT infrastructure. At times, the  software in the integrated device is compatible with only Android or iOS, and you need to get an app accordingly. 

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#6  Make Informed Decisions

It is better to take any decision regarding an IoT app after thorough research about the market trends and your business needs. Remember, the IoT app development process is way more complex than that for usual mobile applications. Any wrong decision can lead your app project and the entire IoT network to fail. It is better to hire a CTO or consult the experienced IoT solutions provider for taking expertise-based decisions. 

#7  Give Priority to Safety

Last but not the least. The IoT-powered devices and related applications deal with a plethora of data. It is, therefore, necessary to secure the critical corporate data from hackers and cyber attackers. The apps are more vulnerable to cyber attacks, and therefore, the app developers should ensure that the user’s privacy is not get hampered by any means.

Apart from these aspects, you need to keep in mind that a customized IoT app does not provide ‘once and for all’ solution. The IoT technology keeps on advancing and you need to keep the app updated to maintain its excellent performance. Along with the IoT app, you need to make necessary changes in your existing IoT system periodically to make the most of this thriving technology.

Though sectors like healthcare, energy, retail, and hospitality are the biggest beneficiaries of thriving IoT domain, other industry sectors can also avail its advantage by keeping these points in mind while assigning their IoT app project to a leading IoT application development company.

At Solution Analysts, it is our endeavor to offer you end-to-end IoT app solutions in the domains of the smartwatch, iBeacon, and home automation. You can also hire dedicated IoT developers to meet diverse business requirements with innovative and advanced solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Just let us know your needs and our experienced IoT professionals will develop customized solutions in a cost-effective manner.

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