Online learning is more effective

Nowadays, technology allows students to learn and approach technical solutions to have the best serve for their learning. Especially, when coronavirus outbreaks, schools and languages centers have to be closed. Students and teachers need to prepare some tools to support their teaching and learning. Furthermore, group communication is extremely important because this is the channel for teachers and their students to interact and contact. 

Actually, study at home has their perks, however, it will be annoyed and difficult if you do not have enough conditions to learn. For example, if you do not have a good tool for study online, you will not able to optimize your learning. Bad wifi connection or not good learning applications can make you stuck and you sure don’t like that feeling. 

Tips for online learners

In order to learn effectively wherever you want and build quality learning sessions, learners need to prepare some of the following essentials:

  • It is important to have a nice and quiet place to learn. Additionally, you should have a combo of chair and desk, which are comfortable to seat and learn. Try to keep your space clean and organized to have the motivation to learn. 
  • Learning at home is lower-pressure than in class, but don’t be lazy, separate your time to focus on learning, eating, and so on. To learn in a good way, you should prepare for yourself a routine to study and notebooks to study and take note right time. 
  • Prepare a laptop that is good enough and have wifi connection.
  • Give yourself a deadline to have motivation to finish. 
  • Don’t be a workaholic, remember to eat, sleep and relax. If you work super hard, you can be tired and don’t have enough energy for the next working day. 
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Higher demand for online learning

From some various sources, learning in the future will not contain classes and times. People prefer to have a flexible way to learn, wherever and whenever they want. Furthermore, not only students but also workers and old people, who would like to learn. “Learning is for everyone”, but we cannot take care schedule of all of the people, they may not available for physical classes and schools. However, learning with LMS, lessons recorded or education platform is the best way for them. depending on the requirements, some applications can have chatting groups or library, in which learners can meet and study online together. 

Besides, these kinds of applications will help them review the last lessons easily. All we need is just a smartphone or laptop, which has LMS application or education app. 

From the demand for online learning, some universities and schools step by step changing their system, and e-learning is becoming one option. Changing the learning system from tradition to online is not easy. But, it is necessary, especially, now is coronavirus outbreak. 

Social Exchange Language & E-learning Apps

At this present, applications and technical tools are one of the most important to create a good learning experience. The social exchange language app is a social and educational platform that connects people together in order to learn, exchange, and practice multiple languages around the world.  

InApps has built some applications for learning and social learning, which allows people to register and learn with their group. Furthermore, it is as same as a social platform, learners can connect, add-friend, study, and question if they have some concerns about any subjects.

Building the application can be depended on the requirements of customers, for example, with Holla app, which we have built, it can connect users around the world, who have the same interests and goals in learning languages. Learners can book lessons and make an appointment with their experts to practice via chat or video call. 

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The technology we used to use for the case study: Holla English includes:


Students get to choose and do online learning course.

  • Save time for students as well as teachers.
  • Students can actively arrange their learning & testing schedule  


  •  React Native
  •  ReactJS
  •  Integrate with Google Map
  •  Multiple payment gateway
  • Real-time data update
  • Notifications: email/sms/mobile & web push
  •  Live chat & Video Call

However, we can totally change the requirement to set up applications just for one school or one group, in which students and teachers can join together, call/chat for learning and teaching, and discuss lessons. Like SNS DeepStudy App, which InApps has built, is a messenger and educational platform which connects teachers, parents, and students to quickly communicate and keep track of all student’s reports.

The features and technologies included in this app, SNS DeepStudy are:


Connect Teachers, Parents, and Students automatically

  • Chatting with emoji and filtered bad words
  • Video Call, Block User, Report User
  • Add friend, invite friends via QR Code  


Mobile App:

  • React Native
  • SocketIO for chatting
  • WebRTC for video calling


  • NodeJS
  • Restful Web Service APIs
  • Docker  

Why InApps?

  • We have experts with over 10 years  of experience, who always listen to you, understand your ideas and willing to help you with your projects. They are good at both technical expertise and English.
  • If you would like to save cost, InApps is the best choice, competitive cost and easy to expand your team.
  • Transparency everything for long-term cooperation.

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