For mobile and web app development, making sure everything works perfectly is super important. Even when everything seems okay on the surface, there might be hidden problems waiting to surprise you. It’s like finding out your favorite video game has a glitch right when you’re about to win.

Checking the quality of apps and websites (that’s what we call quality assurance, or QA for short) is indispensable. With so many people making apps and websites, you can’t afford any mistakes. That’s where QA engineers come to the rescue.

This article will show you signs when you’re not doing enough, so hiring QA Team to check your app or website is top-notch. We also talk about how hiring a professional QA team can save the day, making sure your app or website is the best it can be.

Case #1: Hire QA Team when your product quality is poor

Dealing with overall poor quality, unexpected problems in production, and unstable software behavior can lead to big headaches for businesses, like losing money or customers not sticking around. These troubles are big red flags, telling companies it’s time to make some changes fast. Think about this: nearly half of all users ditch an app if they have a bad time using it. Plus, finding new customers costs way more—about 6 to 7 times more—than keeping the ones you already have.

But often, poor quality is just the beginning of the story. It’s not really the root of the problem but a warning sign pointing to deeper issues with how quality is checked, known as quality assurance processes. This could be because of not choosing the right ways to test the app or not hiring the right QA team on board.

How can hire QA engineers help?

Since you can’t improve what you do not understand, you need to identify gaps in your processes.

Understanding your process gaps is crucial because you can’t fix what you’re unaware of. Many QA teams face the challenge of spotting flaws in their daily routines. It’s tough to stay objective, even for top-notch in-house QA testing teams. This is where hiring QA engineers comes in handy. They offer a fresh, unbiased view on your company’s software development and testing practices.

Even though consultants might not dive deep into the specifics of your industry, their broad experience across various development scenarios can be invaluable. The key here is that the assessment method they bring is highly adaptable to meet your unique business requirements.


To kick things off, we’ll pinpoint objectives and determine the critical areas for evaluation. Typically, this involves interviewing essential personnel, including QA engineers and, if needed, senior management. We’ll take a close look at how testing is conducted and scrutinize the existing test documentation.

Our QA experts will also evaluate your testing strategy and the tools and methodologies applied, ensuring that everything is up to par for managing QA teams effectively. At the end of this process, you’ll get a detailed report identifying all discovered QA shortcomings and their root causes, along with the risks they pose to your software’s quality.


Addressing these key issues leads to a more refined testing process, boosting your project’s success rate and ultimately delivering a superior user experience.

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Take, for example, a recent project we undertook for an insurance company. They have a custom web app that offers a wide range of insurances, from pet care to fishing gear. After our analysis, we helped them craft a new testing strategy and provided our own test documentation templates. This empowered them to tackle issues on their own more effectively.

Surprisingly, often just a few tweaks to your testing process can yield significant improvements in your efforts. Hiring skilled QA engineers not only helps identify these adjustments but also ensures your testing process is as efficient and effective as possible, leading to better products and happier users.

Case #2: Hire QA Team to boost product releases

Hiring a QA team during periods when your product releases are slowing down can address and rectify underlying issues. In the fast-paced IT industry, where swift releases are the norm, extended development cycles can signal significant problems.

Here’s a closer look at how hiring a QA team can address these issues:

  1. Automated Testing Practices: Overlooking automation in testing can stall your release cycle. A proficient QA team can implement automated testing strategies that speed up the process without compromising quality.
  2. Rushed Release Timelines: When timelines are tight, testing might be rushed or skipped, leading to issues post-launch. A dedicated QA team ensures that testing is integrated into the schedule, maintaining pace without sacrificing quality.
  3. Consistency and Dependability: Variability in test outcomes can be a red flag. QA engineers bring stability and reliability to your testing efforts, ensuring consistent results.
  4. Test Execution Management: Poorly managed test execution slows down the release process. Hiring a QA team enhances the management and execution of tests, streamlining the workflow.
  5. Quality Visibility and Feedback Loop: Lack of clear visibility into quality and an unclear feedback loop can hinder improvement. A skilled QA team improves visibility and establishes an effective feedback loop between testers and developers.
  6. Testing Toolset Appropriateness: Using the wrong tools for testing can limit your project’s success. QA experts assess and select the right testing tools that match your project’s needs and capabilities.
  7. End-to-End and Parallel Testing: The absence of comprehensive end-to-end tests and parallel testing can delay releases. A QA team ensures these critical tests are performed, identifying issues before they impact the release.
  8. Testing Culture: An inadequate testing culture within the team can undermine your efforts. Bringing in a QA team helps foster a strong culture of quality assurance, emphasizing the importance of testing throughout the development cycle.
  9. Lack of QA Resources: Finally, not having enough QA resources is a common bottleneck. Hiring a QA team provides the necessary manpower and expertise to cover all aspects of testing, ensuring your product meets quality standards before release.

Addressing these factors can help launch your product to the market faster without compromising on quality. A dedicated QA team not only identifies these issues but also implements effective solutions to speed things up.

How can hiring QA testers help with it?

The good news is that by establishing an effective testing procedure, any company may shorten the release cycle and stay ahead of the competition. When a business cannot handle this challenge internally, hiring offshore QA team can assist in scaling up production with minimal effort.



Quite often, the reason for a release showdown is a lack of test automation or flaws in automated testing methods. The World Quality Report shows 61% of respondents had difficulty automating their QA procedures. So if you need to integrate test automation into your project, QA experts can provide you with a cutting-edge test automation approach to shorten your test execution time.

Any test automation strategy begins with deciding which tests to automate. The finest examples, in our opinion, are the tests that:

  • Highly repetitive
  • Involve high risks (for example, business-critical test cases)
  • Check the stability of features
  • Require testing over multiple browsers, devices, or configurations
  • Time-consuming for manual testing
  • Involve multiple options (like submission forms)

Following that, we determine the testing techniques (unit testing, regression testing, end-to-end testing, and so on) that will give the most value when automated. Then, software QA engineers will assist you in selecting the testing tools that are most suited to the project’s requirements, as comprehensive automated testing is heavily reliant on the proper testing frameworks.

Consequently, you have a functioning test automation strategy that may enhance your testing structure, QA methodologies, and test environment, allowing you to optimize delivery time and ROI.

Case #3: Hire QA Team to keep project expenses low

QA and testing typically account for 25% to 40% of a project’s budget. When software QA costs exceed these numbers, it signals deep-seated issues within the testing lifecycle that demand expert insights.

Various factors can drive up these costs, often worsened when tests are conducted too late in the game. For instance, funds might run low towards the project’s end, making it both costly and time-intensive to fix errors. This situation underscores the importance of deciding to hire QA professionals or hire QA testers early on, ensuring that testing is both efficient and timely, preventing budget overruns and delays.


What solution can QA software testers offer?

Understanding the complex value they provide, professional QA engineers will dissect your testing process to pinpoint:

  • The reasons behind high testing costs,
  • The timing that escalates costs,
  • The areas where costs peak,
  • The personnel contribute to higher costs.

By answering these questions, you gain a detailed insight into your project’s total expenses, along with strategic guidance for precise budget forecasting. The overarching goal here is to streamline actions toward cost reduction.

Software QA consulting delivers twofold advantages: First, by refining your testing strategy, it enhances test efficiency, which in turn reduces your quality assurance expenses. Opting to hire QA consultants exposes you to a wealth of testing knowledge accumulated from numerous projects.

Second, engaging a software testing firm allows access to state-of-the-art testing experts tailored to your specific needs. Choosing to hire a software tester from an outsourced team can significantly trim down your QA process costs, offering both expertise and economic efficiency.

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Case #4: Hire QA Team For Overloaded QA Engineers

When QA engineers are overwhelmed, it could point to several underlying issues, such as insufficient resources, lack of expert skills, or intense deadlines.


We’ve seen IT projects where the developers double as testers due to the absence of QA experts. This risks misusing your engineers’ talents as they juggle roles as makeshift testers.

Sometimes, the QA workload is shouldered by a tiny team of testers who are outmatched by the project’s scale or lack the required expertise. Testers are often racing against the clock to meet deadlines and achieve thorough testing coverage. It’s a warning that being overburdened today might just be the tip of the iceberg of future challenges.

How can software QA experts solve this problem?

A software testing firm can evaluate your testing practices to identify why your QA team is overloaded.

With a clear understanding of your quality assurance state and identified gaps, professional advice can streamline your resources. This enables both your development and QA teams to concentrate on what’s critical.

Suggestions might include:

  • Adopting a New Testing Strategy: This could involve a fresh testing methodology, a more organized workflow, or a clear hierarchy of testing roles, aiding your QA team in grasping the project’s scope and managing their responsibilities effectively.
  • Expert Recommendations: Structuring efficient processes reduces confusion, and integrates the QA team more deeply into the development lifecycle.
  • Accurate Testing Scope Estimation: Ensuring the project doesn’t start on wrong assumptions is vital for success.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis for Test Automation: Evaluating the viability of automation to lighten the QA team’s load.
  • Upgraded Testing Tools: Enhancing your testers’ arsenal with better tools can significantly improve their efficiency and process integration.

Addressing the overload by hiring QA developers not only alleviates immediate pressure but also strategically improves your testing and development quality.


Case #5: Hire QA Team when your project lacks a professional niche and full-stack testing expertise

Sometimes, companies have robust internal QA teams but fall short in specialized testing areas or lack the latest testing methodologies. When faced with such gaps, you essentially have three pathways:

  1. Hire additional specialized experts,
  2. Engage with a QA outsourcing service,
  3. Upskill your current QA team.

Recruiting the needed expertise can often lead to prohibitive costs that many companies find unsustainable. Beyond just salaries, the hidden costs can include benefits packages, recruitment and training expenses, and even potential conflicts with existing staff.

What does a software testing company offer instead?

In such scenarios, upskilling internally and outsourcing emerge as more budget-friendly choices. Most software testing firms can offer both solutions. Moreover, outsourcing your software testing can equip your in-house team to handle the QA process more comprehensively.

For example, software testing outsourcing companies offer QA training and workshops focused on hands-on skills over theory. During these sessions, their QA experts impart best practices derived from extensive testing experiences. The training is customized to meet your specific needs and can cover topics such as effective quality assessment, refining testing workflows, crafting precise QA documentation, and scriptwriting for tests.

Therefore, collaborating with software testing outsourcing companies can help you dodge the high costs associated with hiring QA testers, hiring a software tester, or hiring QA developers directly, while fostering a stronger testing culture within. This approach not only grants you on-demand access to essential QA skills but also allows you to delegate testing tasks to professional offshore QA teams, ensuring efficiency and quality in your projects.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up, QA consulting brings lots of benefits to any company wanting to make their products better and stand out in the market. It’s all about keeping up with changes and making sure your testing and development keep pace.

InApps has been in the game for almost a decade, offering advice and support to companies looking to hire QA professionals and hire offshore QA teams effectively. We’re all about helping you find ways to do things more efficiently, so you can focus on making your product the best it can be.

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