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Solution Analysts CEO Interview in App Story- How Focused Approach Translates into Success is an article sent to you by the InApps editorial team. Hope readers will have more useful knowledge at www.inapps.net

You are viewing the article: Solution Analysts CEO Interview in App Story- How Focused Approach Translates into Success

At Solution Analysts, we strive for excellence by providing high-end app solutions with excellent performance and customized features. In our exciting journey of over eight years in the technology domain, we have got several awards and accreditations from various renowned firms. Above all, globally, corporate clients have put trust in us as we feel the pride in having almost 80% repeat business.

Leading review agencies, which focus on listing top global companies who provide high-quality mobile app development services, have published our visionary CEO Mr. Kalpesh Patel’s interviews. Recently, a reputed and reliable app review and app developers’ rating agency, AppStory has featured our CEO’s interview. He has shared his domain expertise and some unknown aspects of his life story in this candid conversation.

Here is an excerpt from Mr. Kalpesh Patel’s straightforward and insightful answers in the interview. Solution Analysts has served over 350 corporate clients worldwide after having a modest beginning in the year 2011. From mobile app to IoT app, and eCommerce to the blockchain, Solution Analysts always remains quick to adopt the advancements for developing futuristic and innovative software solutions for the modern business.

As a leading mobile application development company, Solution Analysts offers an array of services like enterprise software development, IoT app development, cross-platform app development and the like. The core focus remains on delivering client-centric solutions at competitive rates, but Mr. Patel asserted that at Solution Analysts, we never believe in competition with peers. He said that our attention is on providing the clients an edge over their peers.

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Mr. Kalpesh Patel also revealed that Solution Analysts emphasizes on providing the best after-sales services as we like to establish long-term business relationships. Solution Analysts is keen to utilize the advancements of emerging technologies like AR, AI, VR, and Blockchain to provide the best-in-class software solutions to esteemed clients globally. Finally, Mr. Patel revealed his way of introducing new updates to his team.

Solution Analysts has already entered in the wearable tech and IoT domain. Mr. Patel told that we want to offer end-to-end IoT solutions to the clients. Experienced professionals at Solution Analysts are busy in the prototyping of the IoT app while providing expert consultancy. We are aiming at providing enterprise-grade IoT solutions from devices to app development to implement the IoT in the business system.

What makes the CEO interview in the App Story special is the inclusion of a few questions regarding the CEO’s personal interests and experiences. Mr. Kalpesh Patel has revealed a few interesting sides of his life while answering these questions. He opened up candidly while asking about the work-life balance in the initial days of Solution Analysts. He revealed that it was his wife whose cooperation and proactive approach has maintained the work-life balance.

Also, he considers his father as the biggest motivator and revealed his pastimes as playing cricket, watching movies, and reading self-help books. He emphasized on developing the mindset to achieve success in any field we work in. From challenges in the outsourcing industry to the future of app development, he expressed his thoughts transparently. Finally, he gave the message to the entrepreneurs and startups to follow ethical ways while focusing on the goals.

Click here to read the App Story’s interview with Kalpesh Patel, CEO at Solution Analysts.

Solution Analysts is your reliable technology partner for all your enterprise software requirements. We integrate the advancements of futuristic technologies like AR, VR, and IoT to address the growing competition and diverse business challenges. Let’s connect at sales@solutionanalysts.com and hire dedicated mobile app developers for your next app project.

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