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On-demand mobile app development has revolutionized industries across different sectors by bringing automation and simplifying processes. One of the biggest beneficiaries of on-demand apps is courier delivery services. These services aim at automating the operations of a shipping and logistics domain, and on-demand delivery application can help these services achieve this objective.

Courier service providers can easily track their consignments and control the entire operation through their Android phones or iPhones. The on-demand delivery application also enables them to increase efficiency and integrate logistics in the process effectively. Modern businesses rely heavily on courier services, and therefore, it is essential for courier service providers to deliver the right products at the right place on time.

Here, an on-demand courier delivery application comes into the picture. If you own a courier services-related startup or want to establish a successful courier company, you need to develop an on-demand courier delivery application. It enables you and your customers to track packages in real-time. You can monitor the entire process ranging from the parcel is out for delivery to your customer accepts it.

Here we give a handy guide to courier delivery app development for courier startups. But before we start, let’s go through the major business models for courier services.

Key Business Models for Courier Services

The courier delivery app development company can build different apps in line with the business models of courier services. Some of the most popular models are

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Aggregators of Package Tracking

The real-time tracking application is useful for this business model. Aggregators combine disparate data from all the associated courier services providers at one place and the tracking app can track all the packages. It is easy to add packages manually through an ID. The app users can get real-time notifications about the delivery status.

Postal and Courier Services

FedEx is a postal and courier services giant globally. Postal and courier service providers use the parcel delivery software or solution with a comprehensive user and admin panel. They can create shipments in the app and notify their corporate clients about the same.

Uber-like Parcel Delivery Service Providers

Uber provides another opportunity to generate income to its drivers by giving them delivery parcels. They can deliver parcels en route and get an additional income. Uber has changed the marketplace by initiating parcel delivery services.

How Courier Delivery App Works?

After going through key business models, let’s understand the courier delivery app’s process. We discuss every step of an on-demand courier delivery app here.

Getting request- You can get the request from the customer to deliver the courier.

Accepting request- It enables one of your delivery agents to accept the request for further action.

Pick up- The delivery person picks up the courier or package from the source-destination mentioned by your customers.

Live tracking of parcel- Your customers can track the package or parcel in real-time using the app.

Online payment- It facilitates your customers to pay through convenient online methods.

Delivery receipt- At the end of the process, you can get the delivery proof from the customers in the form of OTP or a digital signature

Reviews and ratings- This is the final step that facilitates your customers to give reviews or feedback and ratings for courier services.

Here we have mentioned the entire courier delivery process. It can be simplified and automated through the courier delivery app. The app plays a vital role in accomplishing various tasks in your courier delivery business.

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Courier delivery app development services enable startups to manage the entire courier delivery process. Here are the top features of the customized courier delivery app that can simplify the business processes and improve the delivery process.

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Top Features of Courier Delivery App

We classify the features of a courier delivery app development in three segments

User Panel

Registration and Login- Users can register themselves through the email addresses and contact numbers. After registration, users can create their profiles.

Search- This feature enables users to search their locations and book courier pickup and delivery options

Courier Type- This feature enables users to select the type of courier as per their item or product to be sent.

Confirmation and Payment- The users can confirm the courier delivery and pay online using any convenient online payment methods.

Track- Like the real-time tracking app, the courier delivery app includes a tracking feature to enable the users or customers to track their order or consignment

My Deliveries- Users can see their past orders or deliveries thanks to this feature

Delivery Person Panel

Profile Creation- Delivery persons can register themselves and create their profiles after acceptance.

Delivery Information- It involves the information of the location of delivery and customers along with their contact details.

Delivery History- Delivery persons can see previous deliveries and other related information with ease

Built-in Wallet- Delivery persons can get payments and commissions in built-in wallets. This eWallet also enables them to transfer the amount directly to their bank accounts.

Admin Panel

Dashboard- An interactive and user-friendly dashboard can facilitate you to monitor the entire courier delivery process. You can track delivery persons and contact the customers in case of emergency.

Notification Panel- You can send real-time notifications to the customers or courier delivery app users about the current location of their packages or parcels, the arrival of delivery persons, and receipt of payment.

Track Orders- The admin can easily track orders through this feature.

As a delivery startup, you can expand your business, offer your customers a real-time tracking, and improved courier delivery experience through a feature-rich on-demand delivery application. What’s more, the app solution enables you to provide advanced services like verified drivers or delivery persons, same-day delivery options, and the like. You can also provide these premium facilities to generate more revenue.

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Courier Delivery App Development CTA

Cost of On-demand Courier Delivery App

You can opt for Android app developmentor iOS app development to reach a target audience effectively. The cost of the on-demand courier delivery app is based on the platform, features, and hourly rate of developers. Whether you own a startup or running a courier delivery business at a small scale, the investment in the on-demand delivery application can improve your business processes and address all shortcomings effectively.

If any delivery services-based startups have budgetary limitations in developing an on-demand delivery app, then they can consider some of the basic features initially. Once the business expands, they can come up with more advanced and complex app versions.

Wrapping Up

Startups can focus on delivering grocery and food items along with usual courier services. If you want to develop an app for your courier delivery startup, the right time is now! All you need to find a reputed mobile app development company to make a complete roadmap and strategy for your courier delivery services. However, it is better to do enough research on available business models and market trends before consulting an app development company.


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