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When you develop an eCommerce app, you can get the advantage of both- thriving mobility platform and a booming eCommerce sector. The concept, collectively known as mobile eCommerce or m-commerce has gained ground rapidly in recent years across the world. As per the report by Internet Retailer, mobile eCommerce was accounted for around 30% of sales in the US in 2015.

In this pandemic time when people tend to give orders online using either grocery delivery or food delivery apps, it is fair to mention that the mobile commerce concept is here to stay. When you build an eCommerce app for your business, you can take your business to a huge audience and increase sales across the world.

A single marketplace app with a seamless performance and pleasant appearance can work wonders to take on the competition and attract many people. But then, it is a herculean task for the eCommerce app to become successful.

Do you want to know the reason? Well, growing competition and ever-changing expectations of the customers can be some of the major challenges for eCommerce app development. But, the biggest obstacle for any m-Commerce app that prevents it to become successful is- entrepreneurs fail to select the right mobile app development company. When it comes to investing in eCommerce app development, it is beneficial to ask “what” questions like-

• What should be the targeted audience for my app?
• What app development platform should I choose first?
• What features should I add to make my eCommerce app successful?

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Read on to find answers to these questions-
You can find the right audience by researching market trends and analyzing your business model. For example, if you sell lifestyle products, your target audience can be millennials. Similarly, your target audience can be working professionals if you deal with office-related items, laptops, and the like.

Then comes the selection of the right mobile app development platforms. If your target audience is based in Europe, Asia, or Africa, you should opt for android app development initially. But, if your target audience consists of the US-based customers, you should go for an iPhone app development to get an enhanced reach.

Here comes the third and the most important question. Many entrepreneurs and business persons want to build an eCommerce app, but they have no idea of important features that can contribute to making the app successful. Here we give a few noteworthy features.

Five Must-have Features for eCommerce Mobile App

Inbuilt Payment Gateway

This is the first and foremost feature to consider. eCommerce development services integrate a secure payment gateway to enable your customers to make payments in a safe and secure way.

It is better to remember that whenever a new marketplace app comes into the market the first question crosses the prospective customer’s mind is- “will this app protect my financial information?” This question is valid because we have witnessed a significant rise in cyber crimes in recent times.

The payment gateway can connect customers to the payment system securely. The mobile app development company can embed a payment gateway by using a payment processing framework like Stripe or PayPal along with a secure SDK. It ensures secure transactions, and your customers can make payments using their credit or debit cards.

Product Images and Reviews

HD quality images are essential for an excellent user experience. It is necessary for eCommerce websites and apps that have images with high resolutions. Also, a catchy caption or a short description should accompany the image so that customers or visitors/app users can get a clear idea of the product’s characteristics.

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Another important feature is product reviews. As per the VWO eCommerce survey, as many as 55% of shoppers have considered that product reviews helped them make purchase decisions. Most shoppers want to know the thoughts of other consumers about the brands they wish to buy. If the product has positive reviews, more people will purchase it.

Product Comparison

Think it this way. How many of us want to compare things before purchasing? Google’s Consumer Barometer has reflected this truth. As per its report, 55% of digital moms and millennials research online for alternative products before making a buying decision.

All you need to come up with a simple and easy-to-view product comparison in an innovative way. It is better to integrate this feature on the basis of cost and consumer reviews alike. This feature offers the app users to research the product thoroughly without leaving your app.

Push Notification

This is one of the best and tested approaches in the eCommerce sector. You can keep your customers updated with the latest discount offers, coupons, and new arrivals through push notifications. Also, it is useful for giving order confirmation or payment receipt.

An interactive push notification system can help you send interesting updates in a personalized way to your eCommerce app users. As a result, they can remain engaged with your eCommerce app for a long time.

However, you should not overuse notifications because many users find it annoying to get frequent notifications or excessive updates. It is okay to send notifications 2 to 3 times a day.

QR code-based Search

QR codes have become a new norm these days. Whether it is purchasing or searching, QR codes can always remain helpful to get information about any products. Your app can have an additional feature based on the QR code- that enables the app users to scan the code to get all useful information about the particular product. A reputed marketplace app development company can easily integrate this feature in your app.

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Apart from these features, you can integrate high-end features based on advancing technology to attract more people toward your eCommerce app. Some of such features are- “trying-on” feature based on AR (Augmented Reality), social media integration, and the like. However, the addition of such features can significantly increase the cost of eCommerce app development.

Concluding Lines

If you want to build an eCommerce app that can win the hearts of hundreds of thousands of customers, you need to identify their requirements, pain points, and expectations. This concise guide will certainly help you come up with a user-friendly eCommerce app that can take your business to a new level.

We have mentioned all these necessary features based on consumer insights, and we are certain that the implementation of these features will make your app successful.

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