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Staying fit has become a norm in this pandemic time. Though it is not a new trend, evolving technology has introduced smart ways for tracking fitness activities. Wearables and feature-rich fitness mobile apps have brought a new wave to the health and fitness industry.

Though Fitbit, Nike, and Jawbone have pioneered the tracking devices market, it was the launch of the Apple Watch that has started a new era of combining smartphones with wearable tracking devices.

These days, fitness and activity trackers have started gaining ground swiftly amid people’s more focus on a healthy lifestyle. These trackers keep the users updated with the calories burnt or gained, sleep time, and other vital information. One of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of fitness trackers is fitness apps. Worldwide, numerous health and fitness apps contribute to making the user’s lives healthy.

Importance of Fitness Tracking Apps

Many entrepreneurs and business persons want to build an app for fitness freaks and individuals who have little or no time for workouts. Such apps are designed to keep users active and motivated all time. A recent survey has revealed that participants who are using fitness tracking apps are more active than those who have not used fitness apps.

The fitness app development market is thriving in line with the growth in smart devices. App developers put all efforts while integrating advanced features for making the apps compatible with various wearable devices. However, only experienced app developers can use technological advancements smartly to make innovative fitness apps.

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Here are the key technologies used to build a customized fitness activity tracking app. The app needs to be focused on two major ingredients-

• Hardware
• API and tools

Let’s dig deep into detail about major tech ingredients for fitness tracking app development.

Tech Ingredients Necessary to Build Fitness Tracking App


Fitness or healthcare mobility solutions need hardware support to ensure the seamless performance of the app. Some of the important hardware components include-


Emerging technologies, especially IoT, is getting mainstreamed rapidly across various industry sectors. Talking about the healthcare and fitness sector, sensors work wonders to fetch the real-time data of the user’s vital parameters including respiration rate, skin response, and heart rate.

For example, skin response sensors can detect and share the temperature change in the user’s body during physical activity. These sensors also measure the stress level and share the heart rate during exercises or workout sessions.


Fitness tracking apps can also monitor the altitude when the users are engaged in physical activities like mountaineering, tracking, walking and climbing stairs. The barometric altimeter makes it possible through measuring the atmospheric pressure.


It is designed to measure acceleration and collect the data when users are busy with exercises like cycling, walking, swimming, etc. Here the data can have speed, calories burnt, and distance-related information.


This hardware is useful for calculating the object’s orientation. The fitness tracking app development company can make an app that uses a gyroscope along with the accelerometer to fetch the detailed data related to the user’s exercises.

What Technologies Are Used To Build Fitness Activity Tracking App?

Chest Strap

Measuring the heart rate is essential for any fitness tracking app. The chest strap can use ECG sensors for measuring the heart rate in both active and resting positions.

Fitness tracking apps have a huge list of tools and developers can choose any tools based on the client’s requirements. Here we mention some of the major tools to consider for fitness tracking app development.

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Tools and APIs

Fit bit

It enables the fitness tracking app to fetch the Fitbit data of its users.

Health graph

This tool can store the user’s health and fitness data on the cloud. It enables users to interact and match their data with other users.


It is a social network of athletes and fitness freaks. It can give your fitness app an added advantage and one more reason to download because the app users like to stay connected with other users.


This API enables developers to fetch the data from Lumo devices.

Google Fitness API

The software development company can never ignore this API to build a feature-rich app. It is an open ecosystem that has a lot of features to automate fitness data storage.


This API is known for bringing design and innovative touch to connected health devices. Registered Withings developers can bring excellent features using this API.


It is a pioneer open-source health data integration tool and gives an excellent grip on the digital data related to health and fitness.

Jawbone UP

It is an open-source platform that provides SDKs and APIs for building user-friendly fitness tracking app. The platform also enables developers to connect hardware with other third-party platforms.

BMI calculator

Another feature necessary to have in any health and fitness app is a BMI calculator. The API is available to include this feature in the app. The full form of BMI is Body Mass Index is a measurement of body fat based on the ratio of the height and weight of the users. BMI Calculator API is written in PHP, Node, .NET, CURL, and Objective-C.

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Just no need to get confused with the name! This API enables the developers to integrate some of the key features like sleep and activity tracking. Users can save the sleep logs in Google sheet and get a weekly summary of their physical activities. If you want a sleep tracking feature in your app, this API helps.

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It offers necessary tools to developers for creating customized mobile apps for Garmin wearable devices.


The fitness app needs to have nutritional information for various food products. It gives users all the necessary information like nutritional value, calories, and fat of different foods. FoodSpex service enables developers to add this information to the app.

Apart from these tools and APIs, fitness tracking app developers can use Breezometer air quality API and Exist API for adding useful features in the app.

Concluding Lines

Fitness activity apps have gained more traction these days and technological advancements keep on evolving them to meet the changing needs and expectations of the end-users. The app’s market share keeps on increasing with every passing day, and you can stay ahead of the curve in this competitive era. All you need to ensure proper usage of the right tools and technologies.

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