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In the age of smartphones, the feature-rich healthcare mobile apps can serve many purposes and facilitate patients to connect with the physicians thanks to technological advancements. The blog talks about top technology trends that will influence the mHealth apps development domain in 2021.

‘Health is in your hands’- the quote appears to be true in the mobile-driven age. Almost all smartphones would have at least one health and fitness app as people become more health-conscious these days. The concept of mobile health or mHealth gains ground so swiftly that the Grand View Research has predicted that size of mHealth app market is expected to surpass the value of 111 billion dollars till 2025.

Today, among all available healthcare mobile apps on the app stores, around two-thirds are dedicated to general health and fitness, whereas one-third apps are focusing on specific health conditions and medications. However, with increasing number of available apps, the concerns of securing critical data also increase. There, technology lends a helping hand to enable healthcare apps to provide a protective environment while enhancing their performance.

It is interesting to jot down the technology trends that are going to impact the healthcare mobile app development in 2021 and beyond:

Blockchain Technology is Here

All of us have an idea of Blockchain technology because of growing popularity of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. But now, this technology forays into the healthcare sector. It is going to play a vital role in recording and preserving the critical data of patients. The blockchain technology enables data encryption to facilitate safe access while eliminating the problems of data loss or misuse by anyone. It also assists the health professionals to make secure EHR (Electronic Health Record) and follow the compliance requirements.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Prevail

Diagnosis to prescription, AI will assist doctors to analyze the patient’s health in more inclusive and comprehensive way. The smart AI system will diagnose the patients thereby eliminating the need to wait for their turn. It is a blessing for the patients during any emergency. The prominent mobile app development companies will integrate AI technology to make healthcare apps smarter. What’s more, AI technique will reduce the chances of human errors, especially during complex surgeries.

Telemedicine will Improve

Telemedicine is the most revolutionary aspect of today’s healthcare services. As per a health IT and CIO report, telemedicine will attract and cover almost 7M patients by 2018. As more patients become aware of telemedicine, it will grow and improve. The technology has wider scopes for expansion and improvement in remote locations where medical facilities are not available. It also boosts the confidence among patients as they can virtually consult the physician as and when necessary. As a cost-effective, virtual way of consulting the doctor, telemedicine is here to stay.

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Internet of Things (IoT) will Join Healthcare

The IoT technology has started influencing many industries worldwide, and the healthcare industry is no exception! It will enhance the comfort of patients on integrating with the health apps. It is also easy to get detailed information about the patient’s health and recovery through wearables and other innovative devices. Also, patients can analyze their health with the help of connected devices and share accurate details with doctors.

Big Data will Take Over

When it comes to combining hospital records with the vast data related to the patient’s health and medical bills, Big Data and Analytics have no alternatives! Involving and integrating Big Data in healthcare app development will help healthcare organizations in resource management, EHR management, and predictive analysis. Altogether, health service providers can offer patient-focused services with the help of Big Data and Analytics.

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Cloud Technology will Rule

Data or document storage is a herculean task for the administrators of any industry. The cloud technology has the answer to this problem. In the healthcare sector, EHR of patients can be readily stored and accessed on a 24/7 basis. Today, over 83 percent of the health services organizations use cloud computing solutions, and as the time advances, the usage of this wonderful technology will be increased in this sector.

Mobile Payment System will be Available

M-Commerce has paved the way for mobile payment system. Now, along with top trends of mobile application development, the mobile payment has found the place in top healthcare app development trends 2021. Mobile payment comes to facilitate the kith and kin of patients with a seamless transaction in any emergency situations or during odd hours. It helps patients to get rid of keeping cash with them every time.

Augmented Reality (AR) will have greater influence

AR-based mobile apps have come into the mainstream and different industry sectors tend to leverage the benefits of this technology. It can also work wonders in the healthcare sector. Trainees or doctor can learn surgery procedures and diagnosis techniques with the help of AR-integrated tools and apps. The AR-based mobile apps assist healthcare professionals in enhancing skills and expanding knowledge.

Data Security will Remain in Focus

Last but not the least, the safety of critical data remains the priority of every healthcare service provider. The mHealth has to follow the set of regulations of HIPAA and HITECH along with FDA guidance, and the like. The futuristic healthcare app solutions focus more on risk-mitigation and data security for the app as well as the entire health IT system.

It is fair to mention that technological advancements will enhance the healthcare services for the patients in coming days. Let’s hope that every person will get benefits of such improved services irrespective of geographical distance by integrating technology in the health sector.

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Wrapping Up

So, the mHealth or mobile apps for healthcare sector are getting ready to let you get rid of visiting hospitals in case of any non-emergency problems. The technology trends shown above will make healthcare apps more powerful and useful for hospitalists and patients alike.

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