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Sitefinity is a content management system (CMS) that enterprises can use for managing multiple sites on a single platform.

Sitefinity CMS is a holistic choice for enterprises seeking CMS development solutions for their business to create, manage and present content on the enterprise website. The platform has a score of benefits that makes it secure, agile and suited for modern business needs.

We share top 5 factors that make Sitefinity the ideal CMS platform for enterprises.

Mobility factor

Enterprise mobile strategy is a strong consideration in any new web development, whether it is website or application. Sitefinity has provisions for designing mobile optimised websites for the prominent mobile platforms.

It offers CMS developers the flexibility to create a responsive design without compromising on content.

Easy Integrations – social media, eCommerce, email campaign management

Sitefinity has some excellent integration options that can be executed easily. The “drag and drop” email designer allows users to create custom emails for promotion and send them directly via the CMS.

For eCommerce websites, Sitefinity has provision for creating detailed product catalogue and add a secure payment gateway. Prominent social media tools can be integrated with the system to stay connected with followers via Facebook and Twitter.

SEO Friendly – Google Analytics

Sitefinity creates SEO-friendly URL without any developer interference. It generates keyword-rich URLs for all webpages with high usability and SERP rankings that are easily read by search engines and remembered by visitors.

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Further, the website performance can be tracked from within the CMS, without opening Google Analytics. The platform adds tracking codes to every web page on the website to quickly analyse its performance.

User Experience

Sitefinity is easy to understand and use with a predictable environment so that with basic programming skills, the user can manipulate core functions. To customise the website, there is an option to use ASP.Net to add additional features.

The user interface is ergonomically designed so that anyone can add or edit fresh content.

Website Management

Sitefinity has features such as Digital Asset Management that help users to organise files, tag them and use metadata to make files searchable. Users can easily find images, multimedia and PDFs that have been uploaded and modify and reuse them.

Multiple sizes can be specified for images and they can be uploaded in thumbnail size to save data space. Even migration from other CMS platforms such as Joomla or WordPress and Joomla to Sitefinity is not time-consuming. Developer can simply import data and have the new system running.

Sitefinity is a paid CMS platform, but it has more features to offer than many of its competitors on a secure platform. The Sitefinity websites have a sound architecture which makes them extensible to match business growth and easily integrate new features to stay current.

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