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Customized mobile apps have brought disrupting changes across various industry sectors worldwide. Think of Uber to understand how a ride-sharing app has changed the dynamics and the scope of the transportation industry. Similarly, Instacart and Walmart Grocery apps have transformed the grocery business by bringing more convenience to the user’s lives. The on-demand service apps have brought faster and smarter ways to get all the necessary services anytime and anywhere.

Today, as the world struggles against a dreaded coronavirus outbreak, people prefer to place orders online and get the delivery of all the products or services at their doorstep. The mobile app development companies can integrate advanced features from emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) to make the user’s experience with the app more pleasant and interactive.

Companies, irrespective of their size and business model, want to leverage the benefits of thriving mobile app development. Even startups opt for bringing innovative app solutions to attract and retain their customers while staying ahead of the curve. Here we make a list of the top industry sectors that can make the most of mobile app development in the year 2021 and beyond.

Let’s start with the most important beneficiary of a mobile app revolution- eCommerce.

Top Eight Beneficiaries of Mobile Apps in Industrial Sector


Amazon, Walmart, and many more- mobile apps have written success stories of many eCommerce companies globally. The reason is simple- almost 78% of eCommerce customers prefer mobile apps to mobile websites for placing orders online. As the sector witnesses the paradigm shift to mCommerce, mobile apps increase the chances that users tend to buy more through mobile apps as compared to browsing on mobile websites.

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As per the Statista survey, 67% of all eCommerce sales come from mobile devices globally, and as per the estimate, total mobile eCommerce sales will cross 3.56 trillion USD by the year 2021. These figures clearly give reason to eCommerce companies to include eCommerce app development in their development strategy.


Restaurants or the food & beverage industry is thriving at a rapid pace. Takeaways, restaurant chains, individual restaurants, aggregators, and other similar business models need on-demand food delivery app for sending food to the customer’s doorstep. Many hotels offer advanced room booking facility and restaurants offer table booking facility online using dedicated apps. The retail value of hotels alone adds up to more than $495billion globally. As a service industry, the hospitality sector focuses on the customer experience, and apps can enable restaurant owners to reach a huge audience while offering such an experience.

Starbucks has increased transactions by up to 20% in the US alone by introducing a Mobile Order and Pay App. The entire hospitality sector can make the most of a thriving mobile platform through a customized app.


In recent times, healthcare app development gains momentum to offer the latest healthcare services and approaches like telemedicine and doctor on-demand to remote patients. Today, around 1,00,000 healthcare and fitness apps are available for download. Some of them focus on quality healthcare services whereas some of them are designed to keep the fitness and nutrition aspects in mind.

Some healthcare apps act as a bridge between doctors and patients irrespective of their physical distance and some of the apps fetch data from wearables to assist physicians to make real-time decisions and accurate diagnoses. Healthcare mobile apps designed for weight gain/loss, fitness/Yoga, women’s health, and pregnancy-related information are popular worldwide.



Mobile apps can improve efficiency and enhance productivity during ongoing processes. Internet of Things (IoT), AI, and ML (Machine Learning) technologies can be combined in manufacturing apps to bring automation and increase the employee’s efficiency. Manufacturing apps can transform the production process into an agile, cost-effective, and employee-centric one. Manufacturers can monitor assets and manage operations on the move using apps on a 24/7 basis.

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Also, emerging technologies like AR and VR can help the manufacturing industries to provide training to remote employees. From offering a competitive price of the product line to showing high competency, the manufacturing apps work wonders in every aspect of the production.

Banking & Finance

The recent advancements in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have opened the doors of new opportunities in the BFSI sector. The banking and finance sector can safeguard the customer’s personal and sensitive data as well as information related to transactions using blockchain technology.

Google research has suggested that 41% of smartphone users use mobile phones for finance-related activities. There, the finance apps with user-friendly features can remain handy in various activities like checking the account status, transferring money, paying bills, assessing loan requests, and the like.

Another use of finance apps is in P2P money transfer. Fintech companies can offer digital payment app solutions to their customers.


The retail sector is another big beneficiary of mobile apps. This thriving sector always gives importance to the customer services and operations. Retail mobile apps with user-friendly features can play a vital role in ensuring the growth of the retail business. These apps can give customers a vast number of choices to make preferences.

Globally, people tend to shop online using apps, and some of the top retail apps including Target, Best Buy, and The Home Depot have marked their presence with advanced and appealing features. As the retail industry has started understanding the customer’s expectations and requirements, the retail mobile apps arrive with unique features and functionality. For example, many retail companies build communities and run loyalty programs for strengthening their global presence and attract more people toward their business.

Travel & Tourism

Travel apps promote the tourism industry effectively while providing a lot of comfort and convenience to global travelers. As per the official report, travel apps are the seventh most downloaded apps on mobiles as 30% of smartphone owners use their devices to find the best deals for flights and hotels. Tourism apps also help companies build their brand and attract a lot of customers.

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Tourists can make itineraries and necessary arrangements based on videos, pictures, and reviews from other tourists. Mobile apps can give a boost to the thriving travel and tourism industry.

Real Estate

Real estate app development has made significant progress in recent times. As people tend to search and choose the right property through an app, the real estate app should have all the necessary features including HD images, virtual tour, and advanced search feature with various filters. Realtors and real estate agents can post properties and reach a huge audience using a dedicated real estate search mobile app. An app with desired features can save a lot of time and effort for buyers and sellers alike.

Apart from these top sectors, education, IT, and lifestyle industry domains can also get the benefits of tailored mobile apps. With our increasing dependence on mobile apps for accomplishing daily tasks and the rise of on-demand services, almost all industry sectors can benefit from bespoke mobile app solutions.

Concluding Lines

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Apart from millions of apps available for download in the app stores, many companies have developed dedicated apps for their employees. Key industry sectors including the BFSI, healthcare, hospitality, and eCommerce are the major beneficiaries of mobile apps. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that any startup or an SME can excel through a disruptive idea and a flawless mobile app.

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