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IoT is in vogue. However, the term Internet of Things was coined in the late 90’s for gadgets connected with the Internet. Today, as the corporate sector is ready to implement technological advancements for enhancing efficiency and improving customer services, IoT is ready to play a bigger role than ever. Perhaps, this is the reason why the concept is evolving rapidly by including other emerging technology trends like AI, AR, and blockchain.

As per one prediction, the IoT will generate a whopping revenue of $344B while reducing as many as $177B as corporate expenditure by 2020. ResearchGate has predicted that the number of connected devices will cross 50 billion by 2020. In such an exciting scenario, we can readily presume that IoT will drive the future of mobile app development in the coming years. This technology is mainstreamed to develop the smart city and smart workplace.

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Let’s go through the top IoT trends that will shape the app development domain in 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Join IoT

We can feel the presence of AI everywhere. This thriving technology has touched every aspect of our life with chatbots and other ‘intelligent’ devices. Now, both IoT and AI technologies deal with the collection and analysis of data. In the coming time, the IoT devices will be integrated with AI to provide better and more accurate services.

Also, machine learning will bring more automation to the process together with IoT. The machine learning model can also help companies secure data by promoting automation.

2. Consumerization and Industrial IoT Go Together

On one hand, we talk about smart cities and on the other hand, the smart workplace is a corporate hot potato. In brief, consumerization and IIoT go hand in hand these days. Numerous IoT app solutions will be needed as the adoption of consumer IoT rises. What’s more, as entrepreneurs tend to integrate the IoT in their workplace, the IIoT (Industrial IoT) will gain ground in the year 2019 and beyond.

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As we advance toward making smart homes and smart cities, the IoT app development services will evolve to make apps that are capable of managing both home and workplace-based devices.

3. Machine Learning Will Become a Norm

As discussed above, machine learning can facilitate automation. Take the example of chatbots. Their evolution will enhance communication with different customers on a 24/7 basis. Machine learning, as an emerging technology, will make the connected devices smarter and more efficient to perform various tasks.

We can assume that machine learning together with AI will set to rule the world of connected devices by 2020. Companies can start using the IoT devices for completing routine activities with the help of machine learning and customized IoT app solutions will help them serve this purpose.

4. Blockchain Technology Will Integrate into IoT

The blockchain is an emerging technology that has risen beyond bitcoins. This technology is known for enhancing data security especially during financial transactions. The IoT concept, together with AI, will combine with blockchain technology will enhance the governance, make the transaction safer, and improved health and other services.

In the current age of IIoT (Industrial IoT), the blockchain will initiate the new era of automation and data security by combining with IoT. This technology can cover almost all major industry sectors as it offers a higher data security and safer transactions. An IoT-based mobile app will require a blockchain integration that can act as a backend.

5. IoT Technology Penetrates across Various Sectors

As consumer IoT and enterprise IoT go hand in hand, this futuristic technology is not limited to healthcare and retail sectors anymore. Globally, enterprises tend to adopt this technology in various fields like customer service, supply chain management, etc. IoT is ready to serve various industry sectors irrespective of the nature and size of business.

Flexibility, scalability, and customization options make IoT a perfect choice for various sectors. In the coming time, we will see more penetration of IoT across the board. Companies from different industry sectors will hire IoT app developers to meet their needs. It will also give rise to industry-specific IoT mobile app development in 2019 onward.

6. AR and VR Will Combine for Immersive Experience

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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have become common words in the corporate world as both these technologies have penetrated well in the industries worldwide. How about making the connected devices equipped with these technologies? This thought remains in the center for providing an immersive experience with the smart devices.

When it comes to innovations, IoT opens a lot of possibilities together with AR and VR. Connected devices can be used for training purposes and arranging employee or customer-related sessions thanks to AR and VR technologies.

7. Interoperability is Important

IoT devices work with interoperability. Business owners and IoT developers need to take care of key protocols and established standards while making the connected devices unified. In other words, interoperability will play a key role in ensuring the success of the modern IoT-based system.

Along with the system, the IoT app development company also needs to focus on making an app compatible with the current and future standards. The app developers need to address this challenge while making an IoT-based app. For example, a customized API needs to be integrated with the IoT network shortly on the software level. It is possible only when the interoperability is addressed well.

8. Data-driven Software Development Will Rise

IoT devices are based on data access and sharing. When the connected devices will start performing multiple functions, the development of data-driven software will become necessary. Talking about mobile apps, today, we have enterprise apps for performing various complex tasks including management of ERP system, CRM system, and the like. Such apps also use data statistics and corporate data.

Now, there is a need for building and integrating software that can perform multiple data-related functions for multipurpose IoT devices. In the coming years, we will see the surge in the development of such software to meet diverse and data-driven requirements of IoT devices.

9. Enormous Growth in Number of Connected Devices

You may argue this is not a trend to watch out for in the future. But, when the number of connected devices increases exponentially year-on-year, the mobile app development process should be made compatible with various devices and frameworks. As per Gartner’s prediction, the revenue generated by IoT will reach USD 20.8B in 2020. It is evident that in the coming years, IoT will throw a lot of possibilities for modern businesses and the mobile app developers need to grab the opportunities.

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As more and more enterprises tend to jump on the IoT bandwagon, the mobile app development company’s role will become more significant 2019 onward.

10. Security Will Remain in Focus

IoT devices and mobile apps always remain a soft target for hackers. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the focus on security of devices and software. Particularly, the endpoints of an IoT network require more attention. App security and its flawless integration with the devices play a vital role in IoT app development services.

As the technology advances, we may witness a rise in cyber crimes and security breach incidences. When it comes to a customized IoT app, it deals with sensitive data, and therefore, it is necessary for the app to address the data security-related issues. Every year, the emphasis on the app security will be increased.

IoT, as a futuristic technology, is all set to bring revolutionary changes in the mobile app development. The mobile application development company needs to grab the possibilities offered by this technology. Be it a product-based business or service-based, the IoT has something to offer for every industry sector. It is fair to mention that IoT concept will drive the business to the new era with the help of a customized mobile app.

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