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Swift 5.0.1 was released last month to make this programming language more competent than ever. This excellent language has proven its capability in developing feature-rich and responsive iOS apps while surpassing its nearest rival Objective-C.

We can consider several aspects to prove that Swift is ready for the modern enterprise. Cloud compatibility is one of them. This rich and reliable language is one of the fastest growing necessary skills for freelancers and startups alike. What makes this language more special is the fact that it is backed by Apple.

Mostly iOS app development companies in the USA have adopted Swift because it is way smarter and better than Objective-C.

The era of Swift is started from the year 2014 when the software giant Apple introduced it. It is highly sophisticated and high-level language for developing complex iOS apps to address diverse requirements of the business. Swift has maintained its leadership position among top programming languages over the years.

Here we mention six reasons that make Swift a highly popular language.

– Flexible and customizable
What do you and app developers expect from an app development language? The answer is flexibility. This characteristic can help the programming language to deal with ever-changing business requirements.

Let’s compare Objective-C and Swift from flexibility viewpoint. Objective-C is based on C programming language. Growth of Objective-C largely depends on the evolution of C language. For example, C language demands programmers to maintain two files for developing an app. The same requirement is of Objective-C.

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Now, Swift app development does not require a two-file arrangement. It facilitates the developers to build the app with ease through the LLVM compiler and XCode. Swift can combine headers and implementation files into a single file known as .swift. It enables the developers to spend more time on creating app logic by eliminating boilerplate code.

From customization viewpoint, Swift offers many options to the developers to make enterprise-grade apps.

– Safe
Be it a business app or an on-demand app, safety comes first in the mobile app development domain. Swift is a safe language and it makes developers fix the issue straight away during the development phase. It generates a compile-time error on finding a nil pointer variable. As a result, the developers have to write code with intention, while eliminating the possibility of bad code.

As a general-purpose programming language, Swift focuses on performance, safety, and design patterns. iOS app developers may find this language difficult and time-taking initially, but it can save their valuable time by identifying the issues during the app development phase.

– Rapid app development
When you hire Swift app programmers, you can remain assured of having a seamlessly performing iOS app in a short time. It is because Swift offers various advantages that can increase the speed of development.

An official report has revealed that Swift’s performance is as good as C++, and Apple’s developers strive to maintain it. It means all you get is a reduced TTM (Time to Market) with saving of development cost while opting for Swift app development services.

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– Memory management advantage
Swift is a language that supports complete assistance across both object-oriented and procedural code. Unlike Objective-C, this language handles the entire memory management through Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) at compile time.

When you hire Swift app programmers, the memory management benefit can facilitate them to create app logic without spending much time in app development.

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– Dynamic libraries
The enterprise-grade iOS apps have innovative features to attract and retain the app users amid intensifying competition. These features can be integrated through Dynamic Libraries of Swift.

Dynamic Libraries are external and executable chunks of code that can be included inside the app bundle. iOS has started supporting Dynamic Libraries after the release of Swift.

The Swift development company can also link existing Swift business apps with the latest version. In the process, only the external code is linked. In a way, an updated app version has a reduced size.

– Regular updates
Recently, Swift’s latest version Swift 5.0 was released worldwide. Swift has an ever-growing community of developers. All the iOS app developers stay updated with the latest futures and functionality of Swift. As a result, you can either get the advanced app solutions or modify the existing iOS business app to address challenges.

It is fair to assume that in the coming time, this language will bring radical changes in the way developers build iOS apps for the enterprises. The future of Swift in iOS app development domain is very bright. When it comes to mobile app development solution in iOS platform, Swift is a preferred choice of developers.

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From addressing a niche audience to providing rich user experience, a customized iOS app can serve many business objectives efficiently. If you want to target developed countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK, then iOS is your ultimate choice. When it comes to developing enterprise-grade iOS apps, Swift remains an unabated winner to date. This programming language is versatile and robust enough to make highly complex business apps.

Since inception, our experienced iOS app developers have remained busy in making the future-ready iOS apps for various enterprises across different industry sectors. If you want to keep your business ready to deal with the challenges and growing competition, a feature-rich iOS app can remain handy. Contact us at to know how Swift and iOS app development can do wonders in taking your business to the next level.

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