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Ubuntu Vs Mac OS – 2022

Ubuntu Vs Mac OS – is an article many of you are most interested in today !! Today, let’s learn Ubuntu Vs Mac OS – in today’s post !

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Ubuntu vs macOS

An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs. (source: Wiki).
All major platforms (hardware and software) require an operating system. In general, OS is a software that allows users to run other application programmes in a computing device. Ubuntu and Mac are the second most common desktop OS after windows.

History Of Ubuntu

Linux has come with a lot of distros and its popular distribution is Ubuntu. Linux was already established in 2004, but it was not open source for every user. Hence Mark Shuttleworth decided to make a team of developers from the one of established project Debian and create an easy to use Linux desktop: Ubuntu. Ubuntu has free software available for all and funded through a portfolio of services provided by canonical.

Linux is a popular open-source operating system which is also referred to as Linux kernel. Linux is an open-source platform where user can download it and modify its source code. It is the most-used OS for desktop and server application. It provides all necessary components (tools, service and programmes) for a fully operating system.

They give special privilege to some highly qualified developers for being part of their free software foundation as Linux/GNU to build a better community. Many companies in the market make various Linux OS and core kernel with all components but Linux kernel is developed and maintained by Linux foundation.


Ubuntu released on 20 October 2004 and it’s latest released version is Ubuntu 19.4 (18 April 2019).

Linux kernel was first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. It was originally developed for Intel x86 computers but later, ported to other platforms as well. Having dominancy in android OS smartphone, Linux has highly installed in the general-purpose operating system.

Linux is the foundation of many opearting systems like Android, Arch Linux, Debian Linux, Gentoo Linux, Ubuntu, Mandriva Linux, Pc, red hut Linux, Sabayon Linux, Slackware, Suse Linux.

History Of Mac OS

Mac OS is an operating system of Apple computer Mactonish series, (computers and workstations) having a graphical user interface which is only developed and maintained by Apple engineers themselves. Apple developed the whole system including Kernal, desktop environment and pre-installed software. Mac OS is the second major series of Mantonish operating system.
Apart from all specifications, it looks better than other systems as well.(personal preference)

Version History:

Apple developed its first operating system as Classic Mac OS with the original Mactonish system software in 1984. The current Mac operating system is Mac OS, the original name was Mac OS X. Later on, Apple purchased Nextstep and brought a new Architecture based Unix System to improve its design.
The latest version of OS X comes with desktop interface with some 3D appearances characteristics. OS X has a Modular design to make easier to add new features into the operating system in future updates. It runs Unix application as well as older Mac applications.

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The first desktop version Mac OS launched on March 24, 2001. Since then, Apple has been constantly updating new features and technologies in their new updates.
Apple has been Releasing new systems every year since 2011.

  • Mac OS X LION – version 10.7 released in 2011
  • OS X Mountain Lion – version 10.8 released in 2012
  • OS X Mavericks – version 10.9 released in 2013
  • OS X Yosemite – version 10-10 released in 2014
  • OS X EI Captain – version 10.11 released in 2015
  • Mac OS Sierra – version 10.12 released in 2016
  • Mac OS High Sierra – version 10.13 released in 2017
  • Mac OS Mojave – version 10.14 released in 2018

Ubuntu Vs. Mac: Which System To Choose


If we talk about Ubuntu, it is not an OS. It is a completely a kernel which was developed and maintained by Linux foundation. It is an open-source kernel which means individual developers can use it in their personal projects and modify its source code.

On the other hand, Mac OS is an operating system of Apple’s Mactonish series which don’t allow us for exclusively controls and you can’t even able to look Mac OS source code.
Apple more focuses on Mac’s UI to make it more enjoyable.


Linux comes with a various desktop environment which totally depends on users need and demand. In spite of heavy resource demand system and lightweight distros, Linux gives you solid system stability and high performance across the device.

Apple is quite stable to perform regular tasks. It’s OS has a well-integrated system process that makes it strongly stable and high performance.


Ubuntu is one of the widely used OS in the market. All the major vendors provide its hardware compatible driver. You can install it on any system, no matter how powerful or older system you have.

Mac shines in this sector because Apple uses its OS only in Apple-made hardware. Thus it provides stable, and well-integrated hardware and software combined system with the highest performance.
It only runs on Apple computers, thus we face less hardware and software crashes.

Security And Privacy:

Ubuntu does not track any digital footprints and it’s very hard to create any backdoor in a Linux kernel system. Thus it became very popular among IT professionals because security and privacy is the key factor of Linux.

A lot of people praise Mac for being a secure platform. Although they track their users for giving them a product or service. Mac OS is nicely organised walled garden by Apple for its users.

Malware And Antivirus:

Canonical claims that you don’t need to install anti-virus in Ubuntu because of viruses which can affect Ubuntu are very rare.
Although being an open-source Linux still has very few bugs. Ubuntu provides a robust system to prevent malware and online threats. It has also a large community to help you in a security breach at system anytime, anywhere.
For keeping system files and user’s common data secure, Ubuntu does not provide administrative and root access.

Mac gets almost no viruses. Mac provides stable security patches, as soon as any bug found.,
Mac is a better choice if you are conscious about your privacy as it is very difficult to hack. Hence Mac is a secure option.

Install, Update And Upgrade:

Ubuntu is very easy to install. It comes with an interface, known as unity.
you can easily visit their website and install Ubuntu by yourself in just a few clicks.

Mac system has already a pre-installed app store which makes very easy and effortless way to get required updates. A non-techy guy can also update the system and software in Mac. Apple is the only vendor who provides all system updates.

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Ubuntu supports a steam platform where we can play all games online and offline both. It makes more accessible to play games via Play on Linux or wine environment. But still, there is room for improvement as many game developers don’t make games for ubuntu. That is major drawback if you are planning to use ubuntu for gaming.

Mac is well developed for the highest gaming performance. It gives you a prebuilt system for installing all the latest and trending games.


Price is one of the key factors for choosing an operating system. When we talk about Ubuntu price, it is completely free. whereas for other operating systems, you have to pay around $100 – $150.

You can’t buy a Mac OS. It only comes with Apple computers and they quite are expensive for some.


If you are looking for a system with an open-source environment so you should go with Ubuntu because it comes free with a lot of open-source software.
If watching movies, writing documents, creating a spreadsheet and other stuff is only your purpose, Linux would be a great a choice for you.

Mac is suitable for high-end media or graphics. LIke web designing, UI and UX design, product design, sound editing and image editing.
Mac is best for video editing and music production as Final cut pro and logic pro X are a better optimized in Mac.
developers also prefer Mac to work on because of its high performance.


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