With the ever-increasing adoption of Internet of Things technologies and products being created, enterprises may find themselves struggling with how to manage IoT applications and the data generated by them.

In this episode of InApps Technology Makers embedded below, we explore how the HPE Universal IoT Platform allows organizations to process data at scale, how the HPE Edgeline servers help in infrastructure management, and how industrial IoT is taking shape for the future. HPE vice president of marketing Doug Oathout and startup advisor Krishnan Subramanian spoke with InApps Technology founder Alex Williams at the HPE Discover 2016 conference earlier this year.

How HPE Hopes to Set the Stage for Industrial IoT

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HPE hopes that the Edgeline System will reduce the amount of data sent back to the cloud. Oathout noted that the HPE Universal IoT platform provides developers the full version of its analytics platform Vertica, allowing for organizations to make better, more informed decisions with their data, Oathout noted.

“Data is incredibly important, but we also want to make sure the data resides in a place where it can be managed. We also want to make sure we don’t send too much data back to the data center. We want to take that data and put it into a model where we can make decisions,” Oathout said.

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Subramanian later queried Oathout as to his thoughts on one of the key themes from the conference, asking, “One of the major themes I heard from keynote was security. How does that apply from an IoT point of view?”

Oathout responded by offering three main focal points which enterprises working with IoT at scale should always consider, “We look at security for three reasons in IoT. One is devices. The first thing you need to do in IoT is not trust any device. The second part is the application. You need to make sure an application is robust enough that it doesn’t get infiltrated, or pass on bad data. Third is the network, you need to make sure your network is secure.”


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Feature image: (Clockwise sitting at the table):  Doug Oathout, Krishnan Subramanian, Alex Williams.