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At the seminar on “Education trends in the world and in Vietnam” by the Educational Alliance 4.0 in collaboration with the Educational Research Institute of HCMC University of Pedagogy on November 9, Ms. Pham Hai Yen, Executive Director School of Gumption (Singapore) said that, although the computer program is not as advanced as Singapore, Vietnam’s programming engineer capacity is more appreciated than the above country.


Vietnam is better than Singapore because programming engineers

Talking to Dat Viet, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Vy, former Dean of the Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Technology (Hanoi National University), said: It is true that Vietnam is better than Singapore because programming engineers are just like technical workers.

Importantly, the ability to analyze and design complex systems for which Vietnamese personnel are poor.

“Before, when Vietnam was still at a low level of information technology, programming was very difficult because it was like the ancient language. So programming engineers at that time were highly appreciated.

Nowadays, language programming is very developed and easy to do. The language is increasingly easy for Vietnamese students to learn programming very quickly, even just a few months to learn the programming language. The difficulty is in analyzing and designing complex systems and creating new things, “Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Vy said.

In the information technology industry, programming is the lowest rank.

According to the former Head of Department of Software Engineering, in the information technology industry, programming is the lowest rank.

Specifically, the ranking of information technology is divided into 3 levels: programming is the lowest rank, higher is design analysis and higher is the management of information technology projects. These two rankings are difficult, and reprogramming is very simple like one is a worker, and the other is an executive director.

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“To reach a higher level, Vietnamese human resources have not been able to do much”, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Vy commented.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Vy told the story of his son: when he was in the fourth year, he worked for Singapore and they proposed to organize a programming team. Very quickly, a team of 4-5 programming engineers was organized and immediately met the requirements.

However, as he said above, how to analyze the design of complex systems, who manages that process to produce products to meet the needs is very difficult, Vietnamese human resources, although there are not many who meet this requirement.

In order to improve the quality of Vietnamese human resources in the field of information technology, according to Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Vy, first of all, there must be good teachers, especially good teachers in designing and managing information technology projects. However, this number is currently very few. Second, we have to change the way.

The training and learning in Vietnam were still “risky”

For a long time, the training and learning in Vietnam were still “risky”, many people wanted to learn quickly to leave to earn money. However, Associate Professor Vo said that many of his students after coming out did not see the analysis, important design and regret when sitting on the school chair through the speaker, roughly this stage.

“In Singapore, as far as I know, the average salary of a programming engineer is only $ 3,000, while the person who analyzes and designs the salary is double, and the manager of information technology projects receives a salary. 10,000 USD.

So even though Singapore has hired Vietnamese programming engineers, it is like hiring workers, and they design and manage projects, “Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Vy said.

At the seminar, Ms. Pham Hai Yen, CEO of the School of Gumption (Singapore), gave quite interesting information about the view of foreign investors about the quality of Vietnam’s human resources, especially in the field of programming.

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Thanh Nien quoted Ms. Hai Yen as saying: “There is an opinion that Vietnam has very good human resources within Southeast Asia, especially the programming engineer force – it is true”.

Ms. Yen said that she had enjoyed the high school education program in Vietnam, studied at university and then worked in Singapore’s education system through many different positions. According to Yen, when returning to Vietnam, people criticized domestic education a lot. But in Singapore, especially when working with the startup ecosystem, investors, especially startup investment funds have a different perspective.

“Foreign investors are pouring into Vietnam a lot because Vietnamese human resources are well-educated, adaptable, passionate, and have very good programming skills compared to Southeast Asian countries. Those are things that I have heard many times from partners interested in human resources of our country, ”Ms. Yen emphasized.

According to this education expert from Singapore, this is a positive thing that Vietnam education has achieved over the years.

“At first, I thought about why Vietnamese engineers are so good at programming, and I thought that the math here taught very deep, very fundamental and sure thinking. Therefore, although the computer program is not as advanced as Singapore, Vietnam’s programming engineer competence is more appreciated than the above country, ”Yen said.

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