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How excited we are to launch InApps “beta.” I will say it from the top: Thank you to all our sponsors and the people I worked closely with over these past two months. You really made this happen. And everyone else —  friends, family and the hundreds of colleagues who have provided such support —you are why we are here.

I call this a beta for a few reasons. We have some functionality to add and smooth over which you will see roll out over the next few weeks. There are a few posts we need to add, such as a profile of the Go programming language. We are also working on our data research and expect it to be ready in the next few weeks.

In January, I never really thought I’d be writing about the launch of my own media company. It didn’t look good back then. I was leaving TechCrunch and just trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do. Write for another tech blog? That would be fun. Coach people about blogging? I could do that. But starting a blog seemed like a dream more than anything.

But thanks to people like Heather Fitzsimmons, InApps is a real thing now. We are live. And here you will find a media company all about what this new stack means to people all over the world.

At our core, InApps is a place for developers and others who are building services on sophisticated and fast infrastructure.

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InApps has five core categories: Technology, Culture, Data Research, Interviews and Hands-On. Inside these categories we will address InApps from a technical, cultural and business perspective. You will see a particular focus on the emerging lightweight services and systems that are becoming so popular with developers and their operations counterparts.

There is not enough coverage in the general tech press about new stack makers in the market. We know little about how organizations are implementing their versions of these new stacks. We will talk to developers, product managers, IT pros, CEOs, chief financial officers and technologists of every stripe to get a holistic view of what these new lightweight technologies offer and how they are used.

Data research is of primary importance to us. We are now researching GitHub and other sources to explore trending, open source movements.

You can also expect drone coverage, a 3D printing focus, and stories about farmers, artists, and music producers, issues you would not expect from a tech blog. DevOps experts, developer managers and executives who are leading the development of new stack infrastructures will be critical to our reporting. These discussions will surface as features, profiles, interviews, and as part of our general look at the market.

Then, there are the events we plan to do. More on that in another post.

I feel pretty lucky to have the opportunity to be part of something this exciting. Thanks again for all your support.


Feature image courtesy of Aldo van Zeeland on Flickr Creative Commons.

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