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Choosing a B2B partner is a challenging task as the liaison must invoke trust not only in one another but also in shared clients. So, what does one look for in B2B agencies when outsourcing IT projects or aspects of the project?

Monetary compensation is a primary aspect, but there are other factors that often far outweigh this aspect.

Industrial Experience

How long has the IT solutions partner been in the industry and their knowledge and expertise of the specific technologies? Experience is often equated with expertise, but a fresh agency also translates to fresh ideas and a different approach.

So, it is important to balance experience with novelty in the execution of the project to ensure a profitable output.

Existing Collaborations – B2B, Partnership Lengths

If the outsourcing agency collaborates in partnerships often, then it reflects their ability to cope with diversity. Also, a history of long-term relationships shows commitment towards helping business partners develop.

Clientele Load

Existing clients will always be a priority and hence, it is better to ascertain that the agency can handle the additional workload, especially in high-priority and time-constrained tasks.

Exceptional Solutions/Products

Find out about their work that has exceptional quality and speaks loudly of their expertise in the field and their experience in working with different types of projects or in different scenarios.

A glance at the case studies will give a hint of the work style and a look at the portfolio will give a glimpse of the different types of services the company renders.

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Cultural Compatibility

Understand the work style and communicate the team you will be directly collaborating with routinely to ensure that work cultures don’t clash. Synchronous relationship regarding project execution and operations is essential to the overall success and also to present a good impression in front of the client.


Outsourcing happens for professional expertise and also to take advantage of the technological infrastructure. So, ensure that they have the best technologies and adept people to handle these technologies.

Solution Analysts has routinely participated in partnerships on projects and taken over outsourced projects at different stages and for different aspects. With our diverse expertise in the field of the web and mobile app development, we have accomplished much and crossed many milestones.

We are regularly looking for B2B partners to expand the horizons of our activities and gain broader expertise, perspective, and experience. Drop a line to get partners with us.

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