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From Amazon to eBay and Netflix to Uber- many of the world’s top brands bank upon Node.js development for developing customized apps. It is the largest open-source cross-platform app development platform with more than 15 million downloads every month.

Node.js streamlines the mobile app development process so that developers can accomplish their project in a short duration. Let’s find out why Node.js is a preferred platform for enterprise app development.

Importance of Node.js for Developing Web and Mobile Apps

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment for rapidly developing customized web apps. It represents a “JavaScript everywhere” paradigm and unifies the server-side and client-side scripts in the web app development process through asynchronous programming. Node.js has successfully replaced the age-old standard based on the request-response.

Node.js is built on the V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome and works on a non-blocking, data-driven I/O model. Altogether, it is a scalable and lightweight platform for building enterprise-grade web apps.

LinkedIn is the first company that has used Node.js for developing the backend of its mobile app. As an open-source, cross-platform app environment, Node.js is useful to develop a real-time mobile application. Mobile app developers with adequate knowledge of JavaScript can easily make customized apps that can seamlessly run across web and mobile platforms.

With around 50% popularity in the “Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools” category of the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019.

Other Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools

Before looking at the reasons why Node.js is the right choice for developing feature-rich enterprise apps, let’s go through some interesting statistics that show the importance of Node.js development.

Quick Facts for Node.js
• Node.js has boosted the business of 70% development companies worldwide by increasing productivity of developers
• Node.js is accountable for 58% of the world’s total development time
• All the versions of Node.js show around 40% growth in download on YoY basis
• Node.js app can be built twice as fast with 33% fewer lines of code as compared to other Java-based application

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Reasons for Using Node.js to Develop Enterprise Apps

Node.js is an excellent enterprise app development platform. Be it a web app development or mobile app development, Node.js is a robust framework to meet the complex requirements of your enterprise. What makes Node.js a preferred platform for developers is its capability to develop server-based web applications. Here are the reasons why Node.js is better for enterprise app development.

High Productivity and Scalability

When you hire full-stack developers, Node.js can remain handy for them. This JavaScript-based framework enables developers to use the same language in both front-end development and back-end development.

Entrepreneurs can get rid of hiring separate developers as a single team can handle the tasks of back-end and front-end. It results in high productivity during the web and mobile app development process.

Talking about scalability, Node.js has advanced features like the cluster module to provide assistance in load balancing. Also, the framework has some tools like a PM2 process manager that can make various development aspects quick and easy.

App developers can readily break the app logic into smaller modules. It facilitates them to add more modules whenever is necessary. It can increase the app’s scalability

Rapid and Asynchronous Process

Node.js makes the enterprise app development process faster. The reason is simple- Node.js works on the v8 engine of Google and enables developers to compile JavaScript code into machine language for speedy development.

Node.js is a lightweight framework that has many tools to increase the overall speed of app development.

What’s more, Node.js is an event-driven, asynchronous platform that can make the app capable of managing many requests at once in a limited time. Node.js does not create separate and numerous threads for a large number of simultaneous requests. It works on a single thread with the help of callbacks and the event loop, and therefore, it is possible for the enterprise app to manage all the requests with ease.

Node Package Manager (npm)

Recently, npm has released an enterprise version to address the growing concerns of privacy and security across big enterprises. It assists developers to install, update, and utilize the modules or open-source software packages.

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Simply put, during the Node.js development, there is no need to write the common features thanks to npm. Node.js developers can also get rid of new layers of complexity because of it.

The enterprise version enables entrepreneurs to store data in the cloud. In other words, enterprise app development using Node.js is beneficial for your enterprise in a way that you can run the npm infrastructure behind the firewall.

You can also leverage the benefits of advanced security features to identify vulnerabilities and replace any unsafe code automatically.Stack for Web App Development in 2020

Cross-platform Development

This is one of the biggest benefits of the Node.js framework. Node.js app developers can create cross-platform apps on platforms like NW.js or Electron. Developers can reuse some of the code of the web application for making desktop versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Also, there is no need to learn any new technology for developing a desktop app because the developer’s team with the knowledge of Java language can easily build such cross-platform apps.

What makes Node.js development more interesting is the fact that mostly Node developer tools are cross-platform, and developers can easily utilize them on their Mac or Windows laptop. It is possible to make a Windows desktop app by using a Mac and vice versa.

Long-term Support (LTS)

Every technology advances at a rapid pace, and it is quite possible that today’s tool or feature becomes obsolete tomorrow. Fortunately, it does not happen with Node.js. This technology has already entered the long-term support.

Long-term Support

For example, Node.js 8 version came in late 2017 and remained active till April 2019. The latest Node.js 10 version arrived after April 2018 and it is still active.

It is fair to mention that all the noteworthy versions of Node.js are actively maintained at least for one and a half years followed by a year-long maintenance mode. Such long-term support is one of the major reasons why developers prefer Node.js.

Whether it is web app development or mobile app development, developers can easily anticipate what the platform will bring in its consequent versions and make the development plan accordingly.

Another benefit for Node.js developers is huge community support. Globally, many developers dedicatedly work on Node.js projects. These developers make a large community that provides readymade solutions for every coding-related issues on Github.

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Node.js developers can easily get the necessary guidance on various issues and make the development process as smooth as possible.

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RESTful APIs and Easy Learning Curve

RESTful APIs in Node.js are reusable and make Node.js the right platform for enterprise app development. Node.js focuses on RESTful APIs to develop high-end software. Reusability of RESTful APIs enables developers to connect these APIs to the backend with ease.

In a way, it is easy to manage large volumes of data on the large-scale software systems of big enterprises.

Node.js is a relatively simple, JavaScript-based platform. It has an easy learning curve, and developers can easily build apps on this platform.
Both Java and .NET web developers find Node.js framework very useful, and therefore, this framework becomes the first choice of these developers. Be it a new developer or an experienced one, Node.js development attracts every developer to build enterprise-grade apps rapidly.

Microservices and MVP Development

Microservices are also known as the microservice architecture. It is a pattern that structures an app as a collection of services. This architecture enables developers to build large and complex applications for modern enterprises. What’s more, the microservice architecture enables your company to integrate the advanced technology stack.

Microservices can offer the following benefits in Node.js development-
• It is easy to understand and test smaller services
• Developers can frequently deploy microservices
• App development is possible through multiple teams
• Various technology stacks can be integrated

The microservices-based Node.js application is broken into smaller pieces. In a way, the entire application is built of small services. When we deploy an app, these services get distributed in a ‘cluster’ or a set of machines. It makes the development and modification of the enterprise app quick and convenient for the developers.

Concluding Lines

Node.js has become a preferred choice for entrepreneurs and developers. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that Node.js development is here to stay for a long time. When it comes to developing enterprise-grade apps, Node.js can offer many benefits like rapid development, limited code, and excellent performance. You can hire full-stack developers to build feature-rich enterprise apps.nodejs-enterprise-app-development-CTA

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