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What makes your startup successful? You may count upon the quality of the product and customer-friendly services. But, can you, as a startup owner, neglect the importance of a platform through which people can get access to your products or services? In this mobile-driven era, nothing could be better than an app that can seamlessly run across multiple platforms. As a result, entrepreneurs feel the need for developing cross-platform apps.

It was a time when startups considered mobile app development as an additional budget-draining task. In recent years, however, entrepreneurs have recognized the importance of mobile apps as many as 70% of their total sales are coming through mobile devices. This trend is here to stay and we will certainly witness rapid growth in this number in line with the increasing popularity of mobile apps in this pandemic age.

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As shown in this graph, Statista has predicted that there will be over 7 billion users of mobile apps by the end of 2023. Here the question arises- how startups can make the most of this trend and address such a huge audience through a mobile app? There, cross-platform apps come into the picture. The mobile app development company can build a cross-platform app that runs seamlessly across both Android and iOS platforms.

But, here the core question arises- which platform should startups select to make the most of a mobile-dominating world? The answer is Flutter. Though the number of cross-platform app development platforms are available on the market, Flutter has swiftly acquired a top position in the list. In just three years of the initial release, this Google-backed open-source platform has a huge community that consists of over 2 million developers.

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We will go through some of the key reasons why startups should select Flutter for developing cross-platform apps in this post. But, before discussing these reasons, let’ s have a quick overview of Flutter for those who are unaware of this platform.

Introduction of Flutter

Flutter is an advanced, open-source mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) to help mobile app developers create robust apps using a single codebase. This Google-supported UI toolkit enables the mobile app development company to build an expressive and scalable app that offers native end-user experience in relatively a short time. It is based on Dart language and works amazingly for developing enterprise-grade cross-platform apps.

Some industry giants including Alibaba, Tencent, and others have already integrated Flutter in their software development projects. In a short span, Flutter has gained ground more than other powerful cross-platform app development platforms including Xamarin, Ionic, and PhoneGap. It is fair to mention that Flutter has a bright future, especially because it supports an ambitious and much-awaited Fuchsia OS from Google.

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It’s time to go through key reasons why startups should select Flutter for developing cross-platform apps.

Why should Startups Select Flutter for Developing Mobile Apps?

It saves cost

The biggest benefit of Flutter app development is it saves the development cost for startups. In the mobile app development, we can say that the higher the app development time, the higher the cost. Here, Flutter enables developers to make instant changes in the backend thanks to its ‘Hot Reload’ feature and eliminate the need for recompilation that increases the mobile app development time significantly.

Developers can instantly see the effects of changes in code through the ‘Hot Reload’ feature. Simply put, this feature is a USP (Unique Selling Point) of the Flutter platform that saves development time and money for startups.

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It saves time

Flutter app development is faster as compared to the native app development for Android and iOS platforms. The reason- Flutter mobile app development companies can reuse the app codes instead of writing them from scratch. Thereby, it saves a couple of hours and the developer’s effort in writing codes for different apps.

What’s more, a single deep QA is available in Flutter for testing the features, functions, and programs of all cross-platform apps. It reduces app testing time.

It offers excellent experience

The Flutter platform has a partnership with Android’s Material Design and Cupertino Widgets for iOS to provide a native-like mobile app experience. Flutter provides a unique mechanism to ensure an excellent user experience. Also, Flutter has a broad choice of cross-platform tools that are widely used for making user-friendly, enterprise-grade apps. Startups can come up with engaging apps with an enhanced UX and elegant UI using the Flutter platform.

It supports Google Firebase

Google’s firebase enables startups to make their app infrastructure serverless, scalable, and redundant. It assists Flutter app developers to automate the app development process simply by combining the Firebase with other tools. Developers can get rid of building some tools for backend support with the help of Google’s Firebase.

Flutter is integrated with Firebase and facilitates app developers to make the most of this platform while leveraging major services including cloud storage, real-time databases, hosting, and other cloud-related functions.

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It is ideal for MVP development

Flutter also stays by the side of startup owners if they are running short of budget and want to enter into the mobile app domain. Flutter assists them to come up with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) without any hassle while managing limited resources and budget. Flutter has a wide range of UI-Native widgets and rich libraries to make an MVP in line with the business model of startups. Startups can easily come up with advanced apps subsequently.

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It ensures development using a single codebase

Flutter enables the mobile app development company to create fully functional apps for Android, iOS, or both using a single code-base. Startups can transform their creative app ideas into user-friendly apps that run across various available platforms. As a cost-effective app development platform, Flutter enables developers to build apps for multiple platforms without compromising their performances.

Finally, a thriving developer’s community makes it easy to get real-time support for resolving the app’s issues. Startups can also hire Flutter developers without spending a small fortune for building cross-platform apps. Let’s have brief information about the cost of Flutter app development.

Cost of Flutter App Development

The most obvious question that will strike your mind is – “How much does it cost to make an app with Flutter? “ Well, it depends on the app’s complexity and a number of features you want to include in the app. It is because these two aspects determine the app development duration, which is directly related to the app development cost.

The mobile app development companies can give you a quote for a Flutter-based app anywhere between $10000 to $50000, but it is better to make a list of necessary features before consulting an app development company.

As a startup, it is better to start with an MVP or a native app for a single platform using Flutter to save the cost. Gradually, you can bring a cross-platform app as your customer base gets increased.

Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, Flutter has futuristic and enterprise-friendly features, which makes it a perfect choice for startups. Entrepreneurs can bring a cross-platform app with excellent design and higher customization to meet the needs of the app users in the future.

Less development time and reduced development cost are the biggest plus points of Flutter app development. Do you want to know more about Flutter app development services?

Just drop us a line at sales@solutionanalysts.com and our expert consultants will get back to you soon.

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