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As the “Internet of Things” is emerging; the future of technology looks brighter for IT companies.  Mobile technology growing in such a high speed; and we cannot deny that it has become an integral part of the digital ecosystem.

People increasingly expect that mobile apps will allow them to do virtually everything their laptops can do (if not more), in a smooth, integrated experience. Recent trends already proved that the future is mobile.

Thus, to ensure a sustainable success to your business, it has become more than necessary to stay updated with the latest mobile app development trends. We are already past halfway through 2015, and here are some of the recent trends that you can look up to.

Rise of Hybrid Apps

If you haven’t considered hybrid app development then you should now. In the recent months, hybrid apps is on rise as it includes both native and web apps. The great advantage is; it can be developed with limited resource and can be launched on multiple platforms.

Notable Features: Best fit on multiple platform, classy features and robust performance.

Technology/Framework: PhoneGap, Mobile Angular UI, IONIC, HTML5, Intel XDK, Appcelerator Titanium

Enterprise apps

Enterprises are having a tough time keeping up with the demand for mobile apps. So this has given an amazing opportunity for developers. Many big organizations and companies are using customer focused enterprise apps to add value in their businesses; this trend is all set to continue in for next couple of years.

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Moreover businesses are introducing enterprise mobile apps and bring your own devices (BYOD) concept for their employees to improve the work efficiency and productivity.

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Internet of Things

Mobile devices will not be limited to being smart phones. This one of the biggest change and trend everyone is experiencing. IoT has changed the way we see our lives and interact with things around us. According to recent statics more than 4.9 billion mobile devices make up Internet of Things. Mobile apps are now acting as a bridge between smart phone and various electronic items allowing you to control them. Using existing mobile platforms—mainly iOS and Android— developers and enterprises finding lots of opportunities for building mobile applications based on proximity locations, home automation, computing, retail etc.

Technologies:  iBeacons, BLE, NFC, Wearable’s.

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Don’t Stop; Go Cloud

Cloud technology is playing a major role in mobile app development. Now every one need mobile applications that can be accessible from anywhere, on multiple mobile devices with same feature sets and functionality. This mean everything should be placed on cloud. This technology brings a positive change in every business.

Wearable Technology

Mainstream technology for upcoming years. The wearable is going to move beyond Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Apple Watch, Mi wrist bands or more; this technology will surely explode with a variety of wearable’s including those focusing on healthcare and fashion.

Now, it will come to developers to build wearable apps functioned or synchronized your present mobile applications. It is expected that wearable industry will cross several billions within the next few years. Hence mobile developers need to keep a close eye on the latest wearable technology and its ecosystem, in order to walk together competitively in this fast-moving technology market.

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M-Commerce and Payments

This is the most emerging trend we have ever seen recently. This is a term or can say technology almost every one of us is using for online payment and goods purchase. Now businesses are shifting towards world wide web and want their presence online so as to increase their business value.

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Hence it is obvious that they will be in need of having mobile app that can help users to explore their businesses, purchase goods and make payments accordingly. This has created an opportunity for developers to build mobile apps that can process transactions without the need of physical debit/credit cards or cash.

App Security is very essential

Developing a mobile app is not enough, making it secure from vulnerabilities is more essential. Long back, Gartner predicted that 75% of mobile applications will fail in basic security tests. As the online transactions are keep on rising, so making enough efforts to secure data is necessary.

If you are a developer then make sure to perform complete Static application security testing (SAST) before releasing your mobile app.

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Mobile Apps Acting local growing global

This is new to know, but yes apps based on locations are growing fast. Years ago Foursquare, Yelp, Quicker and many more shared the space, and flourished the new way for real-time location apps.

Identifying the potential in expanding the local business by developing mobile apps based on locations and proximity, now it has picked the full speed. Don’t miss it; keep an eye on this local trend. Some rising examples: Zomato, Ola Cabs, Foodpanda.

Just reading about the mobile app development trends isn’t enough; it is the need of today. Don’t wait. Pace up your self for your next amazing mobile app. Share your idea now.

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