Why Wawa Game Satisfy With InApps?

Wawa is one of the most famous game brand in Indonesia. With the idea is to bring arcade game to mobile so people can play it anywhere, everywhere, InApps win client’s trust and move all the vendor team beforehand to us.

Why does InApps become a trusted partner to develop their famous mobile game?

Big Problem Can Only Be Solved By The Expert

Wawa Games is the first virtual amusement center in the world. At the beginning, InApps quickly have a very clear understanding about the game industry, business and situation:

– The vendor has not finished well before and leaving many kinds of risks such as bugs, messy in code writing, and hidden errors.

– There is no document about requirement and API document, we have just one thing, source code, that was sent to us with a long list of critical bugs.

In order to handle these unsolved problems, InApps first got senior developers to delve into the ongoing broken project while our project manager was maintaining seamless communication to understand the challenges at the business point of view, then we combined two types of knowledge to handle complex issues, prioritized the key issues to solve first then assigned big tasks to senior devs and the rest to juniors.

3 Main Reasons Wawa Game Satisfied To Become A Long-term Partner With InApps



Reason 1: Cost efficiency

For sure, cost efficiency is one of the primary drivers that affect the solution of outsourcing. Wawa Game saved up to 30% of their expenses while working with our Vietnamese developers.

We also offer the best quality ratio and provide clients with estimations depend on their requirements. We also help to choose the most efficient payment scheme according to the every project. 

Besides, the Asian salary rate and IT taxes are also lower than the local rate. In addition to this the lower costs for maintenance, office rent, bills, coffee breaks were reduced. That’s how we provide the service at an affordable price, absolutely no hidden cost, but still yields the best quality for Wawa Game.

Reason 2: World-Class Team with Dedication

Communicating well regularly with clients is one of the main keys for us to quickly understand issues and priorities. Our team is good at English communication, from team leader to members.

We also motivate other members and make sure the work can get done correctly and on time, staking the problems and solve them base on the criteria: Fast and well-ordered.

Wawa Game is truly happy with our dedication! We try our best to available 24/7 for solving-problem & supporting their end-users anytime, anywhere.

When problems arise, our developers immediately scope and structure the problems to identify the root causes, and respond to the client within 24 hours. They also ready for OT to support our client, even we have a different time zone (Indonesia and Vietnam).

 Reason 3: Be Amazed by Game Development Experts

With +10 years of experience, our game developers already faced and resolved technical glitches from many kinds of projects & industries with strong technical skills (programming, video graphics and hardware).

Here we also have talented developers from top university and they passed our 2 challenging tests to enter the company and more important, they bring solution to our clients. 

With all the best efforts, our client quickly be amazed by the results:

– The application runs a lot more stable than before.

– Users expressed their satisfaction with higher rating than before.

– Customers became happy and grew up their team from 1 to 5 members.

– Long-term cooperation.

Why InApps?

  • Reduce up to 70% of IT cost – Guarantee the same or higher quality
  • 80% of developers are good at English communication
  • 90% of software developer have +5 years of experience
  • 100% Dedicated in Solving-problem & supporting your end-users
  • High-level of Tech skills — Talented workforce from US, Australia, Northern Europe or Japan
  • Transparency & Predictability for long-term cooperation
  • Latest Development Methodologies & Diverse Industry Experiences


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98% of Clients Satisfy With Us. Let’s See What They Said…


I’ve had great experiences with inapps in mobile app project. Recommend looking for a good outsource development firm for mobile game development or web development project to Inapps team.

Si Bui

Head of Business Development at Phunware

I have been really impressed with the team at Inapps. They are professional, work ahead of schedule and are technically strong across a range of fields.

David Liem


A great experience designing the front end of our website, responsive team and good end product. Great website/UX design capabilities.

Toby Scregg

CEO at Eve

Reliability is one of the elements to make the best decision! Hence, we shall show you our reputation via our case studies as well as some reviews throughout 2 ranking platforms Clutch and Goodfirms

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