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How do you treat your business app- as a project or a product? You may wonder why we are asking this question. Well, in today’s mobile-driven age, mobile apps perform multiple roles in simplifying complex processes and promoting your business online.

In such a scenario, it is important to keep the focus on the mobile app and treat it as a product. If you consider it as a project, you may end up having a second rate mobile app that is unable to bring you the desired outcome. If you are still not convinced that mobile app is a product then this post is just for you!

Let’s start with elaborating the importance of mobile app development. App developers strive to build apps that match diverse business requirements of modern enterprises. It is difficult to address ever-growing needs and rising competition with the help of a mobile app, but more difficult is to maintain the functionality and performance of your business app. There the importance of treating the mobile app as a product comes into the picture.

Let’s dive deeper and discuss the reasons why you should treat mobile app development solution as a product, and not a project.

1. Return on Investment (ROI)
You invest a sizeable amount of money, efforts, and time in developing a business app. The same is applicable to any of your products as well. Mobile app development services integrate technological advancements to ensure the success of a business app and give you a high return on your investment over the period.

Also, just like your business products, the mobile app cannot provide you the instant success, but it gradually builds your image and enhance the reputation of your company.

2. Partnership
Let’s put it in this way. The partnership is always useful and productive for the business. Be it a product or app, you need a fruitful partnership. You can hire a reputed mobile app development company as an app partner. All you can get is a customized app for Android and iOS platforms to simplify business processes.

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When you treat your app as a product, you tend to find the right app developer that will invest efforts and time to make your app popular among employees and customers alike.

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3. Organized schedule
Another aspect of product development is scheduled development cycle. Let’s take the example of a business app. The mobile app development process is also bound in deadlines. Organized schedule can work wonders in making products and developing feature-rich apps. When you hire mobile app developers, they need to stick to the schedule for timely completion of the app. In a way, both product and app development need an organized schedule to get an optimum outcome.

4. Calculated decisions
When you manufacture a product, you need to take calculated risks and decisions based on market trends and customers’ requirements. Similarly, your business app is also influenced by factors like budgeting limitations, market trends, and user’s feedback. You need to take calculated decisions also regarding the user-friendly features and other aspects of app development.

Also, similar to the product development cost, the mobile app development cost has several deciding factors like app complexity, features, and hourly rate of developers. All these features point out to the fact that your business app is more like a product than a project.

All these factors point out to the fact- the mobile app for your business is like a product.
Let’s move to the next obvious question.

  • How can you treat a mobile app as a product?

Hopefully, the points mentioned below are sufficient to make you believe that it is better to treat your app as a product. Now, we will discuss the ways through which you can serve this objective.

– Focus on Icon
When it comes to the mobile ecosystem, apps remain at the center stage. Initially, every prospective app user looks at the app’s icon. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the focus on the app’s icon. Your app’s icon should be in line with a business model and attractive enough to draw the attention of potential users. The icon should effectively convey the message of your company.

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When you hire mobile app developers, one graphic or UI designer is a part of your developers team. The designer can take care of every aspect of icon design. But then you need to hire one who has good experience in designing app icons.

– Write Description
A short description of what your app about remains handy in several ways. It can give the prospective app users a reason to download the app and your app can be readily found on the app stores because of description. What’s more, you need to keep in mind that the app’s name should be not too long to remember and appeal to the users. Both Google Play and Apple App Store can reject the apps with long names.

Summing up, a short and concise description that highlights the benefits and importance of your business app can promote it effectively.

– Show Screenshots
Screenshots are an excellent way to show how your app can be used and what are the key features of it. Just like other products, you can showcase the screenshots of your business apps online. But, here you need to take care of a few important aspects.
• Screenshot should be convincing and easy-to-understand for the prospective users
• It is better to add a text or a short description containing the benefits of the app with the screenshot
• Screenshots should show various steps and possible activities on the apps

– Opt for Marketing
Every product needs marketing efforts to be successful amid growing competition, and the mobile business app is no exception. Top app development companies offer app marketing services for promoting the app across app stores and other platforms online. App marketing enables you to get initial users who can share valuable feedback. You can implement suggestions and make your app more user-friendly.

App marketing has another benefit also. Your app can strengthen its position in the app store with a few number of downloads. It can attract some prospective app users for downloading the app. What are your thoughts about word-to-mouth publicity? It sounds great, right? Well, initial downloads and reviews can serve this purpose and give your app a boost it requires immediately after the release.

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Customized mobile app solution can act as a powerful product for your business. It is capable of taking your company to the next level by building strong relationships with customers and enhancing brand reputation online.

Hire Mobile App Developers

One of the popular concepts of the mobile application development process is developing an MVP or Minimum Viable Product in line with your business requirements. Here, the term ‘MVP’ suggests that your app is basically a product that can readily convey the real purpose of developing it among a huge audience. Also, MVP solution development enables the companies to bring changes in the app as per the user’s expectations and market trends.

In brief, it is fair to mention that your app is a product that requires periodic updates. The mobile app is not like other business projects that have a particular scope for a specific period. It needs a longer view. Many entrepreneurs mistakenly consider the app as a project and fail to leverage its benefits. Summing up, if you want to make your enterprise app successful among employees and customers, just treat it as a product.

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